Posture When Playing the Guitar

I noticed recently my right foot was on its toes as well, so I got a taller foot stool the other day and it seems to be helping, at least my heel isn’t up in the air anymore. I’m hoping this may also help with the upper arm pain I’ve been experiencing. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve been struggling with posture for months now.

I can’t imagine your other leg going numb is a good thing. I’d suggest keeping it on a footstool with your other foot.


Hey Dean

I’m also very bad for sitting on my left leg, or both of them cross-legged on the chair and then not being able to walk when I get up :laughing: or crossing one leg and kinda leaning to one side.
But it really does cause a lot of uneven hip tension and lower back strain, and also for me, a lot of tension in my right shoulder. I have found that one of those footstools really helps, but I used a stack of books on the floor before I got it (just as good).

And yes! use a strap even sitting down, also don’t want to accidentally drop your guitar! :scream:
Just an FYI heads up - I recently bought D’addario auto lock straps for my acoustics but didn’t fit the pins on either of them. They’re really good otherwise, you know… if they fit :laughing: :sunflower:

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Glad to know that I’m not the only one thay does this. Thanks for the suggestion.
Oh no, hopefully your arm will get better! :+1:

Alright will do. Thanks Rebecca. :blush:

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Hey Jasmine. :wave:

Glad I’m not the only one. Hehe… :smile:

I never thought about all of that. So that’s why sometimes my right shoulder ache. :sweat_smile:
Yeah, I really need to dig out those thicks book because others have mentioned using that as well. :grin::+1:

I see, because I’ve tried using the straps when I first got my guitar, but somehow just makes me uncomfortable. But I guess I’ll have to try it again. And yes, guitar are heavier than they look. :sweat_smile:

Oh nice. I should look into that. I heard that the brand makes good strings. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for all the feedbacks Jasmine! :smile:

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