Power Chords Lesson on JustinGuitar

I have finally got an electric guitar and i have finished the module

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Just getting into this lesson and practicing my power chords. Seems to make my wrist, forearm, and back of the hand sore after i’m done and relax them all. what am I doing wrong or is it just discomfort that goes away as you play more and get used to these chords?

Hi Adam,

I had similar issues for a long time with power chords. I still do sometimes. I think it’s a little bit that you aren’t used to using those muscles and the soreness will mostly go away. But you may just be pressing down too hard like I was. Try and out as little pressure as you need while also being able to ring out the notes.

Another thing I did which helped but not sure if this is proper technique is instead of squeezing or pinching my fingers to put pressure on the fretboard I started lightly pulling without using my thumb too much.

I’d spend some practice time just experimenting.


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