Practice or tangent

I find it difficult to stricktly adhere to the lessons.Iam on level 2 and have been working on Stuck Three Chords and playing a few Songs on standard chords as well as stuck three. Strict chord changes etc. At the same time ive addd some fingerstyle from Justins lessons because I can do just so much fretting hand work at one time( as an old fart)nd it allows affords me more time on guitar. It , in my mind, allows me to excercise my right hand and fingers because i have a hard time holding the pick while strumming for very long. Ive also jumped ahead into some scales for same reason. Might be fooling myself but it seems like once i go back to strumming a song my focus and strumming is more in tune… Im just putting this out there ,it allows me to think things through…


I think everyone is different so whatever keeps you going with the guitar is the right track.

For me, I follow Justin’s routine to the letter because structure is what keeps me moving forward. The way I think about it is Justin’s practice routine is all about focused practiced and getting me better at playing the guitar. Once I’m finished if I pick up the guitar any other time during the day it’s untimed noodling. I’ll often focus on fun things and not worry about if I am getting better or what should I be doing to get better. That separation helps me but it may not help you.

If you are able to pick up the guitar and feel like you’re moving forward then you’re all good.

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There is no wrong if your intent is there and you are feeling good about it.

Your tangents and wanderings will allow you to find what you like and where you want to go next.

Thanks . I rely on feedback here since a bit