Practice routine repeat

Hi, I am a beginner to the app and loving it. I’m currently on Module 3, I’m unable to use the practice routines as they were on the first occasion. Each time I try to repeat any session, it starts from the last one in the routine (i.e Mod 3 Strumming patterns) It doesn’t start from the beginning again, chord perfect or 1 minute changes etc. The move on function isn’t working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mick, welcome to the Community! Have you reset your practice routine once you’ve got to the end?

Hi, thanks for the reply. That’s the online version,. It’s the app I’m using. Shows as below, no option to reset?

sorry, I’ve never used the app :person_shrugging:

I experience the same thing however you can select any practice element by simple selecting it.