Practice Routine vids vs Using Beginner Songbook for 10min practice?

Hi all,

I’ve been using JustinGuitar for about a month now, on module 4 of beginner grade 1. So far, I’ve been using the videos that are included in the practice routines for my 10-minute song practice. Part of me feels like I’ve been going through the modules a little too fast partly because I’ve been using those videos as a gauge for the “Had a go at playing a song or 2” bullet in the “when to move on…” parts of the modules.

I purchased 2 of justin’s songbooks, the beginner and the rock one and have been thinking of using my 10 min practice to practice song in those books. Wondering if others have done this with any success or if I should just stick to the included songs in the practice routines. Also wondering if the songs in either of the books (mostly want to start with the beginner one) are a good companion to the newer modules.

Thanks in advance!

My thoughts: Play what inspires you. It’s okay to go ahead but just keep going back and reviewing the earlier lessons.

Not sure what song you want to learn but if it’s really hard it might just be worth spending a few minutes learning one bar a day. The spend time on the easier ones. Build small wins. Don’t want to get discouraged early on.


This is helpful, thank you! I eventually want to learn mostly rock songs, which is why I purchased the rock song book as well. But I enjoy playing many different types of songs.

You’re right though, I think I should focus on what inspires me. That might be included in the song books or in the practice routines. I’m thinking of doing a little both so when I feel like I’ve gotten all the enjoyment I can from the ones included in the practice routines, I can give one of the many options in the books a go.

Easy to forget that the whole point of all this is learning to play songs I love and worry too much about what’s efficient and what will work better. Especially since learning songs I love will keep me motivated!