At 62 I just retired from teaching and decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do, play a real guitar not my go everywhere play any song air guitar :sunglasses:.
I started with Justin about a month ago, although I joined last year I just got into the “retirement groove” so I’m committed. I’m presently on module 6. My chord transitions, strumming and tempo are getting better by the hour so I’m wondering, like with anything the more I practice the better I get.
Being I absolutely love to play (at times I bring myself to tears with joy) hearing the chords and my strumming play along with Justin’s recommended songs for each module. My question is, practicing the chord transitions for the songs then playing the songs until I’m satisfied, is that enough to keep moving me along or am I missing something?


Hi Vincent,
Welcome here :sunglasses:,and this also fits well in the “introducing yourself” department. :wink:…but in the end this :arrow_down: is all that matters

Start the course at the beginning and everything will become as clear as you can find on the whole internet,…and where you can’t figure it out, there are many people here who will gladly help you on your way,…I wish you great fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the gang Vincent. Follow Justin’s course methodically and you won’t go wrong. Are you following the lessons on the website? Lots of stuff there that answers the questions in your post. If you’re using the app it’s really only for playalong stuff. The website lessons are much better.

Also have look here.
Older guitar students - can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?


Welcome Vincent!

It depends on what exactly you’re asking I think. If you’re asking is it alright to move on within justin’s lessons then I think in grade 1 lessons justin has a video in each module on when you should move on.

If you’re asking if it’s enough personally to keep you progressing then that’s more of a personal question since everyone is different. For example, I myself like to record and post the songs I work on in the 📣 Audio-Video of You Playing - JustinGuitar Community before I move on from a song. A lot of benefits like being able to see your mistakes and self correct and advice from other players, but for me there’s also a sense of being “done” when there is a finished product. A sort of way to manage short term goals and progress. That works for me, but may not work for you.

Welcome to the community, good to hear from you. Look for what makes you want to pickup the guitar more than anything else. For me, once I learned to play my first song all the way though is what it was and since then more than anything else I keep learning new songs. Others are different. Look for your own groove.

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hello Vincent and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

A great way to spend retirement. I hope you enjoy your guitar adventure.