Question regarding: One Minute Changes & Chord Clarity

Hey yall,

This is my first post here! I’m having a great time with these lessons so far. I do have a question regarding one minute changes.

I believe, at some point, Justin said do not worry about clarity and worry more about consistent timing. I can usually hit 60+ changes a minute however only about 25% of my changes are clear chords. Sometimes I strum incorrectly. Sometimes my fingers aren’t quite right causing rattle. Sometimes I’m accidentally muting strings. Sometimes I’m completely on the wrong string by my fingers are patterned properly.

I’m just curious if this is exactly what I should be doing or if it should be 30-60 Strums per minute at 80%-100% clarity or if 25% is good enough and it’s more about timing and doing it as well as you can as quickly as you can.

My trouble area:
I’m on Grade 1 Module 3. I can play D chord but its the hardest for me to switch to from any chord I’ve learned. I can switch between it and every chord I’ve learned so far 60+ times a minute but again it’s not always clear when I do it. Although its primarily on the D chord I stumble the exact way across all chords.

Tl;dr: Is one minute changes about doing the changes as quickly as I can or should I also be at good clarity in order for my changes to count?


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