R.F.W. Learning Log

May / June Update

Over the last 6 weeks, I mainly worked on songs and making process even if its slow :slight_smile:

I have also worked on some techniques for finger style, such as playing multiple notes at the same time and palm muting. My fingers start to know which strings they should be on without the need for me to look, but using my ears to know when its wrong.

Yesterday, I had my first private guitar lesson in french with some english. The teacher had taken the time before the lesson to prepare the vocabulary and theory in french and english to help both of us. (This I appreciated a lot). I agreed to take two lessons per month with the focus on technique of the right and left hand and also some work on rhythm and the chromatique scale (9 patterns) to build strength in the fretting hand and co-ordination with the pick.

Directions going forward

  1. Work on finger style patterns, techniques and songs
  2. Work on music theory, chromatic scales, fretting hand positions and rhythm.

Until the next update, have fun and enjoy the guitar.


Hi Rob,
Nice work… good to read that you also take lessons… that is certainly an added value, who knows, maybe I’ll do that too one day… I wish you a lot of fun,

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July 22 Update

This last month, I had the pleasure to see two giants of music in Concert.

Beginning of July, I went to Lyon to see Rammstein and Wow, what a concert. The show was fantastic and the music so loud! (Even sat in the gods, you could feel the power) and last weekend I was in Paris to see the Rolling Stones, much quieter, however It was an enjoyable concert. Its hard to believe that they are nearly 80 and still rocking.

For the guitar journey, I had another two lessons with my guitar teacher, mainly working on fundementals of strumming and rythmn. I worked some on my fingerstyle (Hallelujah, the scientist and Mad world).

For August, I will be on Holiday and my time on the guitar will be limited. So I will begin in September.

Hope to share some music soon.


Hi Rob, good you had a chance two see not one but two shows of recognized artists. It is incredible that some of these artists are still touring despite some physical limitations they have. Hopefully the customized private lessons work for you on putting your skills where you want them to be. I think a tailored in person tutoring can ve a very good complement to Justin Guitar lessons if the teacher is very open minded and receptive.

Hi dobleA - There is benefit to supplement the lessons from Justin with a private teacher. I appreciate tbe immediate feedback and discussion with my teacher.
Also with Justin I learnt so much, that would take a long.with my guitar teacher.