Radioactive Looping Cover

Hey guys so i did my first song with my looper! Lol man this stuff is difficult!! So fun though!!! Wish my percussion would be louder when i loop it. Not sure how to go about that. Anyways this is a really good song for beginning looping i feel like, though i need to change things up a little more, still learning lol. Not bad for my first song though i dont think!!! Radioactive Looping Cover - YouTube


Nice job sir! You have me convinced that you are fully radioactive for all the right reasons. Play on playa!

LOL thanks CT!!! :slight_smile: It was a blast playing with this thingy!!

That was great Bytron. You already seem to have more than a basic mastery of your looper, making use of the tracks and layers.

I think this was also one of your best productions in all respects, audio and video. I think the mic setup for the vocal worked real well.

Keep on rocking!

Rocking there Byron! Sounds like you’ve mastered that looper pretty quickly mate. Song really suits your voice too. Got a pretty basic one myself, but have a lot of fun with it.


Great!! I just got this pedal and I love the song. With regards to your percussion - the direct input won’t capture the percussion. You’d need a mic on your guitar, but I think the RC 30 only has one mic input. Maybe hold it up to the vocal mic?

Thanks SHwin the RC30 has a xlr mic input that i know of would that work? Thanks guys for your comments! I have a regular mic input on my guitar im not sure though if the mic is the one catching the sound of my percussion or would it be the guitar pickup? Guess i need to test it.

It would be the built in mic, Bytron. The pickup will be driven by string vibration. Maybe you need to check the controls to see how the mic and pickup are blended (assuming a single output from the guitar)

Ahh ok thanks david maybe i just need to raise the level of the mic more… But when i do that i get bad reception, hmm this is tough lol

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P.S DId i put this topic in the right category this time David?

P.S Shwin this song is really beginner friendly to and would be perfect to learn on your looper!! The chords are just Am, C, G, and D Throughout!!

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Cool,now you are your own freaking band :smile: :sunglasses:
This is going to be really fun… :sunglasses:

Good start Byron and sounded good. I liked the single note embellishments they were really good over the top of the chords.

A couple of suggestions. Have you tried using the built in rhythm drum tracks? that would add another dimension. Also trying laying down your first loop as a simplified bass just playing the root notes on 6th and 5th string…then layer your chord progression over that.

Your “percussion” for the guitar is only being picked up from the built in pickup on your guitar so you could bump the volume on the guitar controls if you want it louder…or thump the guitar harder :joy:

I’m pretty sure that on the RC30 you can also layer your vocal so you might have fun with that as well!

Ahh ok i gotcha!!! Thanks Rossco01!! Yeah but i suck at counting the time on the drum track lol. I will have to give that a try with the root notes build up for sure!!! :slight_smile: LOL I dont wanna thump it to hard im already doing that HAHA.

Greetings roger!!! So far its really fun!!!

Great Job, you handled the looper layers very well. I liked the percussion part alot.

Thanks clueless! :slight_smile: Glad you liked it!

Great job! I find getting the timing just right on a looper to be very tricky. Your tracks blended together perfectly.

Great job Byron- love the audio setup. I’m trying to get something goiylike that for recording, but I’m not sure where to start. Rock on .


My setup consists of a street cube amp, regular mic, my trusty Taylor guitar, the rc 30 looper, and for recording I used my 1080p webcam a Samson g track pro for recording audio a desktop pc. I use a .48 mm flimsy neon pick lol. My whole setup is wireless and runs off batteries so I can perform anywhere!!! Hope that helps!!