Reached Stage 3 before but then stopped - where to start from again this time?

I owned a guitar or bass since I was about 15. When I retired at 65 I thought it was about time I learnt to play!
I got to complete the old stage 3 which was better than I had ever been, but then I stopped. I’ve pick up again recently and now I’m at the same place.
Can anyone advise, if I am at that ‘classic’ stage three where should I be on the new course?


Hi Mike welcome to the community, it’s a good place to be for support and encouragement.
I would say that if you’ve done some of the old course before it’s a good idea to start from scratch on the new course; it’s quite likely that you will breeze through it but there may be new additions that you haven’t covered before. It’s always good to be thorough with this sort of thing, even if it’s just consolidating what you already know, also there’s the opportunity to learn a few songs that weren’t on the old course.

Hi Mike and welcome, as to the question, Darrell is spot on :sunglasses:

Hi Mike and welcome. Have a look here. You’re not alone!
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Hello, Mike. Being of the incredible '54 vintage myself, I encourage you to follow the advice above. You will soar and never put down the guitar again!