Really Useful Blues Solos (Clapton)

This was one of a set of solos on Justinguitar a while back where he provided a zip file with him playing the solo. The idea is that you transcribe it yourself, then play it back over the solo-free backing track he provided. This is my effort at the Clapton style one (I haven’t checked the transcription as I don’t have guitar pro, but I think it’s mostly right).

I think these tracks were made a long time ago, and I managed to find the zip file a year or so ago. It was only a few dollars, so well worth getting. I’m not sure where it’s located now, but I’m sure the moderators will know if anyone’s interested.


That was some superb soloing Phil. Excellent stuff as always.

Oh wow, Phil, this sounds awesome :star_struck:. I‘m just in grade 1 and really wonder, whether I will ever be able to control my fingers the way you do. Thanks for sharing :grinning:.

Thanks! I must admit this was about my 10th take on this. I kept messing it up - as soon as I know the camera’s on, I go to pieces - I have great admiration for people who can play live. It’s a good job the camera doesn’t capture my thought bubbles otherwise I’d be banned. The end result still has a few flaws in it, but I stop when there aren’t “too” many of them.

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Thank you very much! The answer is “yes”, you will. I’ve got quite chubby inflexible sausage fingers, so if I can do it, anyone can.

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Great work Phil.
What a super bend + vibrato at 45 seconds.

The resources you mention are all here:


Thanks! I didn’t realise there was a pdf - I only had th gpx files which I can’t read. I can check how close I got now!

Hmm I just did - a few more discrepancies than I thought. Ah well, that’s the point of the exercise!

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That was really good Phil, special respect for transcribing it yourself I know how tricky it can get! Well done!

Thanks! The Transcribe! software is well worth it.

Playing catchup after time away and glad I gave this a listen. It sounds fabulous, Phil. Great technique and tone on show he and big ups for transcribing.

Thanks very much! Strangely, I quite enjoy transcrbing - just glad I don’t have to do it with vinyl :grinning:

Great stuff, Phil.

not only you got the notes, but you played it with a lot of feeling.

Terrific soloing :clap:

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