Record Yourself - Progress & Performance: Rules & Etiquette. Important Notice

Yes, thanks. That answers my question.

I’m intending on uploading some videos of myself soon to get some feedback. Is it better to post separate topics for separate songs or do it all in one thread and continually add to that over time?

Hi Rob ideal would be a new post in AVOYP section for each cover unless it’s an existing Challenge in relevant section of the forum :wink:


Thanks, Adrian :+1:. I’ll do it that way. I plan on recording myself this weekend with the 4 songs I’m currently learning so I’ll hopefully get those posted this weekend.


And what can you use to record yourself? I don’t have anything specialized. Only options are my iPhone or my laptop. Not sure these record in the quality required…or they do…?

There is no required quality. Record with what you have, it is fine!


Cripes!! I have no excuses then :grimacing: :rofl: :joy:
Thanks @Jamolay

Hi Colin
I’ve only ever used my iPhone. The results from a modern phone are perfectly acceptable as the cameras are really good. The sound is not as good as with a ‘proper’ microphone but again it’s totally acceptable. You have to experiment a bit with the position of the phone to get the balance of sound between guitar and voice and to get the video framing right.
I prop mine up on a music stand about 3 feet away and at the height of the guitar sound hole (sitting down). If playing electric through an amp then it’s the amp volume you have to play around with to get the sound balance right.

If you start looking at microphones and computer interphases etc you will disappear down a rabbit hole from which you may never emerge. :wink:


Anybody got a flashlight?….Rod



You guys and your GAS are gonna kill me.
One small bag of breadcrumbs is all anyone needs… :roll_eyes:


@sairfingers Thanks for the advice Gordon.
You’ve given me some good points to start with. I’ll have a play around and see what works.

Thanks again

Hi Richard,
I am not sure how to do this upload. Is it not the case that an upload to YouTube of a song learned through Justin guitar, or wherever is copyright and thus will be liable to be taken down before being copied to here?
Any input welcome as I am trying to upload to the forum, just cannot as yet, work out how.

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Hi Mal,

It maybe worth having a look at this post that covers uploading videos to YouTube and then to the JustinGuitar Community Website.

As for copyright I wouldn’t worry about it. Most times the copyright notice on YouTube means that you just can’t make any money from the video posted. Any revenue generated from it would go to the copyright holder.


No, that is highly unlikely.
Copyright strikes can happen and they sound worse than they are.
Nothing happens.
Youtube places adverts against your video and prevents monetisation of it. Monetisation though is something you must apply for anyway within your account and it takes approximately ten million views to earn $0.02.
So don’t worry about it.


Thanks, Richard. What does “paying it forward” mean?

David, I am sure this was picked up from the 2000 film of the same name. Google has this definition which reflects our Community ethos

The simplest way to define “pay it forward” is that when someone does something for you, instead of paying that person back directly, you pass it on to another person instead .


Thanks, David,

I’m still struggling with this notion, but I’m finding that more and more these days. I think it just means being helpful. Someone helps you out, you help someone else out.

Thinking out loud. We can work it out.

Thanks again :+1:


Exactly David, that sums up the Community ethos perfectly

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:+1: :+1: :+1:
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

The community is built on layers and layers of people being helpful and encouraging upwards, downwards, sideways, backwards and forwards and round and round.