RIFF Come As You Are

Learn the riff for Come As You Are By Nirvana - a great exercise for guitar beginners!

View the full lesson at RIFF Come As You Are | JustinGuitar

A TAB would be nice for this one


I also agree that a tab would be nice to have for this one.

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Sorry - tab removed. See this post for etiquette and rules. Community Etiquette and Rules

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to break the rules (should have read them first :blush:)
I just wanted to help as this info was previously in the comments under that lesson (in the old website format).
Is there a way to still find the information that was posted in the comments under each lesson as there was quite a lot of useful information given by you and others?

No worries Didge. If you have useful info stored somewhere, you could perhaps engage in private chat to offer it.

A decision was made that the old forum and the previous Disqus content would not be transported across. Yes, a lot is lost. Including thousands of helping posts I made. But such is the way of a fresh start, And as similar questions arise, so similar content will be created in the time to come.
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Adding to the call for a tab for this one - it made learning the Peter Gunn and 7 Nation Army riffs much easier in the previous modules

The written description for the riff from Come As You Are is not the same as the video?.
Am I right or just being a bit dim this morning?

It’s out there on the web. I was able to google it and print it off no problem.
Just do a quick search, you’ll find it. :grin:

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i tried playing along with the original last night, it didnt sound right - i think maybe the original is tuned down a half step or step.

Really hard to follow along on this one. Trying to make my own tab on a sheet of paper but still confusing trying to follow along.

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For those of you struggling to figure out the proper notes and strings the practice video for this riff justin has actually has a tab with the notes and timing. if you go to the video module 5 practice and then add the practice routine to your dashboard and practice the riff rom there it’ll be a lot easier to see what’s going on in this video.

It will be extremely good practice to write your own tab. It may be time consuming but is rewarding and wil stand you in good stead when it comes to transcribing later on. Yes you could find loads of tabs on the internet, but believe me it will sink in better if you write one yourself.


Wish I looked at the discussion before attempting this, haha. I ended up printing tab sheet from the blank sheets section of the website and writing out in tab as Justin did it. It was a good exercise I guess and I did get it right which felt pretty good.



Justin has been alerted to the repeated calls for a TAB and steps are underway to address this.

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I too am having real issues with following this one. It starts off well, but then gets confusing for a beginner as it’s hard to follow Justin’s fingers as he speeds up after starting slowly. The TAB would be priceless! Then again, so would going through it slowly one string at time. I hope it gets easier as I get more experienced!
I use the app, and didn’t really expect to have to go searching for stuff to help me understand the basics of a lesson - unless it’s just my inexperience showing through!


Hello @Thundersparrow and welcome to the Community.
The TAB situation is being addressed so please bear with the web.dev team on that.
As to a slower demo, use the cog wheel in the video play back to play at a reduced speed.

Hope that helps.
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I found that riff surprisingly tricky.

Not because of the notes themselves - it’s just two fingers on two strings. But the the timing and rhythm is quirky, which is probably why it sounds so cool. (BTW, the Wish You Were Here riff had similar rhythmic challenges - for me, at least)

Hadn’t played it for a few months, and I’m a much better player now than I was then, but still struggled to make it sound right. Though I noticed if I kept my right hand moving in an 8th note strumming pattern it seemed to make it easier.

It starts on the “and of 3”, and you have to hit that upbeat solidly every 2nd bar - I think?

In any case, a good, accurate tab that showed exact notes AND timing would be super useful. Glad to see this is being addressed.

is it just me or does the TAB not match with what Justin is demonstrating in the video? Really struggling to follow along to the video with the TAB provided.

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I didn’t compare it to the video, but I looked at and played the new tab just now.

I believe it is correct.

Still seems like a tricky riff for beginners, however,