Rmking60 - March 2023 - Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood) + Eli's Coming (Laura Nyro) + So Damn Lucky (Dave Matthews)

Hello Robert,
What a nice song to be the first :sunglasses: :clap:

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Welcome to the Community Robert. Terrific playing from you. I look forward to more.

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Welcome to AVOYP, Robert, what a debut. That was a really polished performance, so many outstanding aspects in the playing and singing.

For future … I trust you’ll share more … it would be nice if you could back off a little from the camera so we can see the whole of the guitar with your face. I’d like to have looked at your right hand in action.

I figure you’ve been learning from Justin for a while. Perhaps take a moment and share an intro in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, just a brief personal background, guitar history, and your goals/aspirations as a member of the Community.

Thanks again for sharing.


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Really well done @Rmking60. I don’t know the song but some lovely playing there with feeling in your singing too.

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Thanks to all for acknowlegment. Feels so good !! Well, its taken too very long for response, but hey … cause i succumed to the dreaded Covid just recently. Supposedly my friend visited his 98 yo father at HOME Bishop Gadsden (Charleston SC) then passed it to me. Who says old guys can’t make an impact? I recorded my song, one take, on my phone camera. No special tech. I’d love for Justin to help me be great, but his big mission is far, far greater. Let’s share more and thank you I’m 62 and just strartin’ out -R. It’s a 2012 Martin DM-15 made in Nazareth PA. LOVE

So it has been cold. Bundled with my Martin This one was written by Laura Nyro but famous by 3 Dog Night Eli's Comin' by Nyro (nee Nigro) - she wrote great songs.... - YouTube

A new one on me Robert but that was some great playing and nicely sung.

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New for me too but really well played and I really enjoyed your vocals. Nice job Robert!

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That’s a hell of a lot of technique and skill crammed into 90 seconds there Robert, really enjoyed that :clap:

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Fabulous, Robert, both your playing and singing, and the recording sounded wonderful. Just the video a little dark, though suppose we could call that artisitic :grin:

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Excellent job, Robert! I remember Three Dog Night’s version and always wondered how a single performer could pull it off. Now I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Need your input. Do not hold back. The more the better. I must thank everyone, because each comment helps me hone skill. Here is my problematic LIVE recording: So Damm Lucky cover Dave Matthews 2003 - YouTube


Sounded quite good, I don’t know the original song but can’t compare, that is some competent playing! A tricky strumming pattern.

There was a part around 1:30 in just before the break where the rhythm went off a bit, but that may have been intentional… just pointing it out because you asked specifically on rhythm.

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So yes jkahn, it’s all in the moment. Minutes or half hour ago I recorded this. I flubed some easy chords, stopped, and recovered. I guess the question is, if you are not perfect, what should you do? Thanks for ypur response.

I thought that stop was intentional - some songs have it.

You’ve been playing way longer than me. My playing level is pretty clear on the community from my vids so take from it what you will (although some old stuff has resurfaced recently). I think your playing is quite good and timekeeping good. If you’re flubbing occasionally, you just need to practice the song more. Play it through perfect without singing a few times. And if you flub while live, don’t stop, just keep on going. Others might have more input.

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Hi Robert, I thought that was great! I really enjoyed the rhythm you laid down and the pattern seemed somewhat complex to hold together, which I felt you did well. I also don’t know the original, but if I was to check it out now I might think Dave Matthews couldn’t get your rhythm! :wink::joy:

Just keep playing anyway! What’s perfect?! To me that was awesome to listen to, thoroughly enjoyed it. Did I care whether you were perfect? Definitely not! In fact probably wouldn’t have known if it was or wasn’t anyway :sweat_smile: In saying that I do understand that point of view and struggle with not achieving it in my own playing, but what can I do, I’m unlikely to ever be perfect (and certainly not when recording or playing for others!) so I guess I just have to accept that and keep on striving to improve…


Hi Robert, I didn’t know the song and I had to listen to the original first and I would say, your version really has the vibe of the song. It’s no easy song to cover, but I think your rhythm playing transports this very special vibes very well. Also your voice picks up that certain mood… I really like that. Maybe there were some flubs, from your point of view, but did it hurt? No! You transported the message and the mood of the song, that is a real important factor. I’m sure, with time, you’ll reach your own goal to play it without those flubs, you mention. I liked the song, it’s an interesting one, liked your strumming, the pattern was quite ambitious, and your singing with the high voice fits the song very well. Thumbs up!

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Ha, this is lovely. And thank you as your track gave my partner and I an interesting conversation over our morning coffee!

I like Dave Matthews but did not know this particular song. Having had a listen to the original, thoughts on the original are that -

  • There is a dynamic that puts an emphasis on the first beat of every bar, which also coincides with high notes / a fast run of notes.
  • The rhythm of the strumming is quite continuous and fast, almost running away with itself.
  • Then the drums are behind the groove which creates a tiny bit more space in an otherwise frenetic sound

In comparison, your version seems to have -

  • a different rhythm - there is a slower pace, then a different strumming pattern. This gives a more relaxed feel rather than the urgency of the original.
  • a dynamic that shifted away from the first beat of the bar, which has perhaps taken it away from the high notes to lower notes.
  • space found through the use of actual pauses in playing - this adds to the relaxed feel of the slower pace.

As a stand alone piece I really like your version over Dave Matthew’s (!) so much so it has become an earworm and I’ve been humming your version as I’ve been going about my morning.

Thanks for the inspiration - I would love to arrive at having your ability in the future.

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Tips that might help:

  • in your head, distinguish betweenplaying/performing a song and practicing it (even though it’s all “practicing” at this point)
  • if you are “performing”, and it goes wrong don’t stop. Try to at least keep your strumming hand going, and keep hearing the song playing in your head. This will help you recover, and the listeners may not even notice…I certainly didn’t!
  • if you keep making the same mistake, switch to practiicing mode. Zero in on the trouble spot, slow it down, play it in a loop, and pay close attention. Is there excess tension in your body? Is this one of your more difficult chords? Are you unsure of the rhythm or the melody? Get clarity, smooth out the trouble spots, play it over a beat, and speed it up till it flows, and then go back to “playing” it

You are playing at a way more advanced level than I am…my first reaction was “wow - I don’t see a problem here!”. But hope this helps anyway.

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Hi Robert, don’t know the song, but I thought that was a fine bit of singing over a complex strumming pattern. Well done :smiley:
I’m well behind you on the curve, so it’s more a question for my benefit than criticism/suggestion, but my understanding is that (insofar as possible) we should keep our strumming hand moving at the same rhythm throughout. Sure there are times when you make exceptions when you need to do a double-time strum. There are a number of times you double the strumming speed for consecutive down-strums. Is that because it sounds better that way, or for a different reason?

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