Still hoping I can learn how to play guitar. I’ve seen people on stage play from sheet music and they are good, but when they play something next from their heart, it’s magic. These days I just play at my guitar and sing songs I like. Sometimes into my cell phone for a YouTube video. My favorite instrument is a 1986 Alvarez I bought new. My better is a Martin DM15 that i bought new in 2012. For electric, I have a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard I bought from a friend. We were 17 when he ordered it new from Nashville, Tennesse. So I’ve been goofing around so very long, plinking, and then found Justin. I can now actually play a song because of Justin, start to finish, even if it’s just Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay. Now it is about having fun and, hopefully, finding someone to share music with. Peace to All!


Hello Robert and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

We are all about having fun here, oh and as a great man once said, “songs, songs, songs”

Hi Robert,

Welcome to the community glad your playing and having fun.

Hello Robert, a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
Having fun is a perfect reason for playing guitar :smiley:. Keep going :slightly_smiling_face:.

Good stuff Robert, welcome! Sounds like a very nice set of instruments you’ve got to learn with, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community Robert :smiley:

Hi Robert,
Welcome and have fun :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Robert

Hi Robert, welcome. Good you find new ways to enjoy playing your guitars.

Great stuff Robert, the lessons are so structured, they work. Good luck with your guitar journey.

That’s really awesome. Welcome to the community. Learning to play a song from start to finish was the breakthrough for me that made all the difference and it was thanks to Justin. For me it was another Dylan song, Blowin in the Wind that used to be in the beginner song book.

Hi Robert,

Welcome here! Hope you’ll find lots of enjoyment and fulfillment. Plenty of like minded folks around here, and you could do a lot worse than to play Lay Lady Lay.

At the very minimum that means that you have mastered E-shaped Barre Chords and Am Shaped Barre Chords!

A Les Paul and a Martin. Sounds fantastic. Hopefully we’ll see them in use in videos sometime soon, Welcome

Peace and love to you!!!
And have fun!!!

Robert, welcome to the community forum. You have some nice guitars to play and sounds like you are on your way to leaning to make good use of them. Have fun playing songs.

Hi Robert
Nice to meet you! Welcome!
Wow! You have a '77 Les Paul! Nice! and a Martin :heart_eyes:

I agree… that is magic!
Have lots of fun! Peace :smiling_face: :v:

Welcome Robert! :grinning: