Road Trip 😃

To paraphrase another poster on another thread: Man, you couldn’t pay me to live in that country! :slight_smile:

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@Helen0609 und @franzek, my 2-tonic friends :smiley:
It is for such self-reflection and to provide food for thought for others that I share these musings :laughing:

That’s precisely what they do! :rofl:
No one I knew back in '84 could understand why we were choosing to move to Dublin in a deep recession rather than stay in rich CH. Never doubted I made the right decision :wink:


I understand now about your creativity, you’ve had a really colourful life and done so many things and been to so many amazing places, it’s crazy!
You’ve got so many experiences to draw on that nothing fazes you, I really envy you!
I really enjoyed reading this lot, it’s very interesting and entertaining!


Thanks for sharing your memories with us Brian. What a trip! A great read, as it is always.
Glad to have you back with us.
Looking forward to your upcoming tune.

Regards, Shane

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Just a couple… there were even tags in the BLIM section :wink: I was thinking does Brian get an alert that someone’s talking about him but can’t see what they are saying about him :crazy_face:


That was a pleasure to see and read Brian. It looks like you had a great time and very brave of you to try hitchhiking these days. Have you not seen, The Hitcher? :wink:

Thank you for the share. I look forward to the next one. :slight_smile:

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Cheers Darrel

I’ve just been very lucky (and privileged). I do believe the adventures we have and the places we visit in our minds are far more important than geographical ones :wink:

@sclay thanks Shane,
Glad to be back :rofl:
It’ll be a while before the ‘tune’. Got a couple of irons in the fire and summer always seems to be an unproductive time for me.

I’m afraid we don’t get alerts from ‘the other place’, which is probably just as well. I find it hard enough to keep up with this one :wink: and the idea of targeted practice… well that just gives me the heebie-jeebies :open_mouth:

That’s the beauty, Stefan-
I’m the one they’re frightened of! :rofl:


A little late to the party, but anyways: That was a pleasure to read, Brian! Quite diverting and enjoyed all the pics you included to make the whole story even more vivid. :smiley:

It felt a little as if I was part of your journey while reading, so thanks a lot for letting me join this adventure. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the Original that will probably result out of your road trip!

PS: As a good girl ( :rofl:) I always listend to the wisdom of me Mum to never ever take hitchhikers in when I’m alone - for you I would break that rule for sure. :smiley:

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I totally get this & agree BUT the SmartAss inside thinks of this as an advertisement for the Psychedelic Revolution in the 60s!!! As in:

Turn On Now!!!
Use -REDACTED- and go places you can’t actually go to!
Try -REDACTED- and visit the Astral Plane!
See & Hear things Nobody else can!
C’mon over to the Wild Side where we have Freedom not available in Straightsville!
Mind Blowing Free samples available for 1st time use only!



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thank you Lisa :grinning:
I’m aware that this kind of thing holds little to no interest for many, but some are curious and posting it here meant I was able to send a link to family & friends who I reckoned would enjoy it. I even learned you earn a badge for that :rofl:

@CATMAN62 The ‘smartass’ inside you proves my point :rofl:
My post made you think and ‘take a trip’ inside your head, crossing the big pond, visiting me here in Merseyside.
It made me :slightly_smiling_face: (not ecstasy!)
(Drink plenty of water)


I have to admit, for me it has always a bit of “das Leben der Anderen” and I ask myself, why should a story of a guy from Liverpool be interesting in terms of playing guitar?
But I really enjoy your stories and like Lisa mentioned, you take us with you on a trip and this trip very often is a journey behind your story in the foreground. It often takes me to reflect myself and puts a smile on my face. Hopefully you don’t stop doing this :blush:.

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I loved that film :smiley:

I’m doomed to forever ‘over-share’ :rofl: