Rod finger picking and singing Simple Man

Rod, thank you so much for this AVOYP :hugs:.
My son in law introduced me to this song some time ago, and asked me, whether I’d like to give it a try on the guitar. I immediately fell in love with this song :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, but didn’t really get started to work on it seriously.
Your recording was so inspirational! I immediately had to take out my guitar and started playing along with you :star_struck:.

Kudos also for playing it live at the retirement home. Fingerpicking and singing is so challenging that I rarely do it in a live setting :see_no_evil:.

Wonderful and relaxed version with great vox :+1::clap:. As Gordon said,

[quote=“sairfingers, post:2, topic:241429”]
if that’s a work in progress I can’t wait for the finished version.
[/quote] :smiley:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Hey Rod,

That was well played and sung especially if your considering that a work in progress. I’m going to have to tag @TheMadman_tobyjenner as I know he will enjoy this recording.

Yes, when you go into more complex patterns with pinches it could cause clashes and when your travis picking I think it is better to have the thumb. Definitely something to look into but I thought you were getting a really nice tone out of the guitar and keeping a good rhythm when singing and picking at the same time which is difficult in my books.

It’s been amazing watching how fast you have progressed. You’ve come along way sir and still progressing strongly.

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Well Rod,
This was simply wow :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

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Thanks for the tag James @Socio was already on the case when I saw the post.


Thought you did pretty well on this laid back version but I suspect you will pushing the tempo up to the originals pace in time. Like you I’ve tried it with a pick and never got up to pace and could not sing it at the same time. Recorded this about a year ago here but strangely enough I added it to my songs to play fingerstyle recently now I have rekindled that adventure.

Only advice I’d offer, as mentioned already, is the thumb but it did work for this. Cheered my morning up no end hearing one of my all time favourite LS songs. Thank you for sharing.


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Hi Rod,
That sounded great, really mellow. Thought your voice had a lovely tone, to go along with your playing. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Best wishes,

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Great feedback, aware of the thumb forward I think two things are in play; one is the angle of the camera May accentuate the thumb being less forward the other is i do have a shorty thumb so i took took a video with camera closer to the same level as my hand to really see. For the lead part it’s definitely at or behind the fingers but the picking it seems like i extend just barely ahead of the fingers. I have tried to get more forward but that causes me to rotate my hand (which i may need to do) but it really messes me up.

Maybe i need to stretch that little guy more😀

You are welcome and thanks for the kind words!

Thank you, the speed and the thumb are actually part that in progress part :grinning:.

Thanks but as one of our community said in a response from you :grinning:

Many thanks for the encouragement all!.. Rod


Thanks for sharing, Rod. Sounded great to me in all aspects!

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Hi Rod,

great performance on this work in progress! Very enjoyable listen. :smiley: :clap:

I’ll hum in, I’m looking forward to the final result.

Felt really relaxed and laid back, nice vox and kudos for picking and singing. Some good advice is already there, as is your awareness of the things mentioned. :+1:

Thanks for sharing this one. :slight_smile:


Rod that was excellent! For a ‘work in progress’ it was quite impressive. As for thumb position, I do find it easier to do with the thumb ahead of the fingers, but here is a video by Adam Rafferty discussing his ‘weird’ thumb position. My “Weird” Right Hand Guitar Technique | Adam Rafferty. I really enjoyed this performance. :clap:

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Really enjoyed the song. Your guitar playing sounded very nice and you’ve got a great voice.

What really struck me was how clear your voice and guitar were in the recording. What do you use for the guitar and voice in terms of pedals, effects, etc.? Also, what do you use to record it (I assume you’re using some type of DAW software)?

Very nice!


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Awesome job @Rod58 !! I’m working on this tune right now as well. I aspire to play all things Lynyrd Skynyrd in the long run.

Your guitar playing was very good, and I think even a bit more authentic to how they actually played it than how I’m learning it. You have a very clean, clear voice that adds a unique mellow tone to the song. It suits you very well. Keep jamming!!! :+1:

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No judgement on the “how” here. I think your guy said it best: “know what is recommended but try other stuff too”. My best paraphrase :grin: be well!…Rod

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Thank you Lee. What you “hear and see” in my posts is a coming together of a retirement hobby; voice over work hence the sound treated closet, and this community for repurposing some of that gear.

The mic you can’t see sits in front of the Spark 40 amp and is a MXL condenser mic I used for voice over work plugged into a Focusrite 2i2 interface also used for that hobby. The mic you can see is a Shure SM58LC dynamic mic also plugged into the 2i2. All that goes into a regular laptop running OBS software (free) which mixes the audio with a Logitech webcam for video. After level setting vocal and guitar with the 2i2 I hit record in OBS and the output is a regular mp4 file I can send to my You Tube channel. Anything coming from the amp will have whatever effects it has going. This video is just a standard acoustic setting on the Spark amp.

The dynamic mic, and OBS all came from this Community to do these videos and I use the same set up for the Community Open Mics. For the Justin You Tube event I did in July I added a free plugin to OBS called TAL reverb. Still experimenting with that but reverb is now mixed into the recording for both vocal and guitar all inside OBS. I’m just standing on the shoulders of others in this community for this kind of stuff😁. Hope that helped!…Rod

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Really appreciate that sir especially coming from “Mr Live” as I’ve seen many a great live performance posts from you here!…Rod

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Very good. I am looking forward for the final version.

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Hi Rod
That was sweet! I really enjoyed listening :smiley: Great job for ‘work in progress’ and you have a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing :smiling_face: :sunflower:

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A beautiful song, delivered with feeling as always, Rod, played pretty well.

You probably noticed some buzz everynow and then. I think it may be low E on the G chord, perhaps not getting the finger up close enough to the fret at times. Hard to say given the deceptiveness of camera angles.

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Your ears don’t lie @DavidP ! One of my “signature moves” that ring finger gets lazy on that third fret at random moments! Many thanks!.. Rod

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Thanks! Sounds like a great setup…

One question, which MXL condenser mic are you using?



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The dashing Mrs. CT was listening over my shoulder and thought you were Willie Nelson. Take that as a fine compliment. I liked the stripped down nature of the track. Well done.

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