Rod finger picking and singing Simple Man

Thanks! Sounds like a great setup…

One question, which MXL condenser mic are you using?



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The dashing Mrs. CT was listening over my shoulder and thought you were Willie Nelson. Take that as a fine compliment. I liked the stripped down nature of the track. Well done.

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MXL 2006 Large Gold Diaphragm, at the low end of mics but I’ve always been able to pass any voice over sound check with it!.. Rod

Many thanks to you both!…Rod

Wow! Rod, that was superb and nearly 7 minutes of song as well. Bravo to you sir.

I’m also stunned that you only think it’s a work in progress. Man, that was top level stuff and I loved it.

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Everything is for me brother! Strumming, finger picking, embellishments, flat picking (i think the hardest), singing; they all blow my mind. The latest struggle? The butterfly footswitch that turns the page on my iPad scores app. You would think just tapping a pad with your foot while your playing and singing is no big deal. Let’s me tell ya, it’s a BIG deal!…Rod

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