Rorystrat - 1st AVOYP Feb 2023 - Little Tin Soldier (Donovan) + She Moved Through The Fair (trad.)

That was awesome, Rory :clap::+1::smiley:. I haven’t heard this song before, but I really liked your performance. There seem to be some tricky chord changes in it. You played them so smoothly. Great strumming and vocals, too. Really enjoyable :hugs:.

Thanks Nicole. Donovan was the British Bob Dylan at the time. His record “Catch the Wind” was the first record I bought back in 1965 along with The Beatles “Ticket to Ride”. I was 8.

A second recording from you this morning, quite a treat indeed, Peter. This one with a fine vocal to go with the playing. Your guitar tone sounds so good.

You’ve no reason to be asking for gentleness here. Apart from the fact that it is the nature of the Community to be supportive and encouraging of people in the early days of learning, you are at a play-grade that I think it is fair to say is quite advanced within this Community. So many, including myself, will be enjoying with great admiration.

I look forward to more recordings and postings from you. Just read the post about your strat and now can look forward to a recording of you playing it.

Definitely no criticism from me. That was so good!!

Love Donovan, and the album this is from. you played this well, thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Nice one Rory. Keep up the good work.

Whilst I had the acoustics out of their cases for the first time in over 10 years I thought I’d have another go at a video. Still very rusty:

This is what it should sound like:


Great song Rory. Simple minds based the music for Belfast child on this song. This brought back great memories for me as my sister sang this song at my wedding.

That was lovely, Peter. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks. The song is also the basis for Jimmy Page’s “White Summer” which he cribbed from Davey Graham.

The final part is from Rory Gallagher on his acoustic album. I can’t find any other reference to that song but guess it is also traditional Irish.

In the meantime I’ve put the acoustic guitars away again.

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Good stuff Rory.
Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing two great songs / tunes.

Awesome debut Rory, congrats! I think Brian’s
summed it up perfectly so I’d copy / paste his comments, really enjoyed that.
Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!
Bravo :clap::clap:

Hi @rorystrat , I loved that. I haven’t played much Donovan myself, and he had only one real hit in my country (Atlantis it was called I think). I think his songs were a little less edgy and political than Bob Dylan, but in a way more melodic and poetic. But I do know he taught John Lennon Travis picking at the Ashram, and out of that came Dear Prudence, for that only he already deserves my eternal gratitude.

You were allowed to buy music when you were eight years old - lucky you! I only had the hits from the radio, and pocket money only started in high school.


Yes, I believe it is. I knew it from the album “Irish Heartbeat”, a collaboration between Van Morrison and The Chieftains from the '80s. Great song and well played!

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Came across the original on the google-beast. It’s by Shawn Phillips. Donovan covered it :smiley:

@brianlarsen what a great find. At least mine’s in stereo!

Two great performances Peter. You may think you’re a bit rusty but beyond me to offer critique. Well done, I look forward to more from you.

@DavidP Thanks very much for the kind comment. I do use heavy picks which helps but one point most will find shocking is that one of those guitars is over 10 year old and the other older nearly 40 and I’ve NEVER changed the strings!

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Peter.

That was excellent. Really well played and sung.

@SgtColon Thanks. Already planning my next appearance based on what I’m now learning on the course…