Running to standstill - U2

Growing up in Ireland :ireland: in the early 80’s U2 were one of the first bands I listened to. This is an oldie but one of my favorites from the album the Joshua tree called running to standstill. I hope you enjoy it.


nice song choice
i enjoyed it

Thanks Danny. Glad you enjoyed it.

You did that well Eddie. Good vocal with feeling. Guitar nice and rhythmic. And the way your body moved showed an emotional connect with the song.

Nicely done Eddie.

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Great vocals and solid playing on this one Eddie. Not heard it for a long long time but you did it justice. Well done.


Thanks for the feedback John. Really appreciate your comments!

Cheers Toby! Glad you enjoyed it. :sunglasses:

Well done Eddie,

Well played and sung Eddie.

Thank you Ron.:sunglasses:

Thanks Rogier! :sunglasses:

Lovely! Enjoyed this a lot - a really good song well played and sung; your voice carried the feeling of the song beautifully. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks so much Godfrey. Am glad you enjoyed it! :sunglasses:

Solid performance there Eddie, well done. I enjoyed that.

Thanks Gordon,
I am slowly getting used to the sound of my own voice but you never know how it sounds to other people. One of the reasons I started posting some videos was to find that out. It’s given me the confidence to sing more and like anything the more you do it the better it gets. :sunglasses:

Great playing and singing. Thanks for the share

Thanks Jk. The best version I ever heard of this song was sang by the edge and not Bono which is pretty rare.

Great job! Nice strong rhythm and good vocals.

Thank you Mark. Appreciate the feedback :sunglasses: