Scale book

along side the chord book i think i may compile a scale book i have learnt the e minor scale next will be the c major and i`m sure there will be more after that.i tried to put this on the discussion page beneath the lesson but i wont save.

I have a large notebook that currently serves as my:

  • Chord book
  • Song notebook
  • Exercise book

It’s a great way to review songs I’m working on, things I need to practice, chords, and yeah… scales.

@Guitarman63 John I’ll let you in on a little secret

Are you talking about the E minor pentatonic scale Justin teaches in grade 1 module 8?

If so you have learnt all 12 minor pentatonic scale using the E shape (pattern 1) and all 12 Major Pentatonic scales using the G shape(pattern 5) of the CAGED system.
The same will apply to the C major scale when you learn it.
All the scale pattern on a guitar are movable so one you get it under your fingers in one Key you have it under your fingers for all keys. So you scale book will be more of a scale note pad. Which is good news but don’t go off trying to learn all the scales at once learn each one and how to use them to make music. Here’s some very good advice on scale from Justin


thanks for that i plan to learn the scales as they come

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