Scared to move on now that I have learned my first batch of chords

Don’t over complicate things, inversions are Intermediate territory!


No need to be scared @TabbTPul if you feel that you’re ok to learn a couple more then that’s fine. The only thing I would say though is that the best way to learn is to use those chords, there’s no point learning a load of chords without having the need to learn them. For example if there’s a particular song that you want to learn and it requires 1 or 2 new chords for you to learn then ok, go for it!


Well done Tabitha and don’t be afraid to move on. Learning another couple of chords will open up a whole world of new songs to you. :sunglasses:

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Keep moving along the Grade 1 course, far greater pleasures await!


Thank you, Helen!

Thank you, Brian! Will do!

Thank you, TheMadman!

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Thank you, Sairfingers!

Thank you, ToniMacaroni!!

Thank you, CatMan!

Thank you, HappyCat! Haha! I got some of it, but not all. Hopefully it will all make sense with more practice!

Ah, hah! This is perfect, and just what I needed to hear! It would have taken me awhile to get to this lesson, so that you for sharing, theOldMan!

Thank you, MadMan! I don’t know what inversions are, so I will definitely be following your advice! Haha! :grinning:

Yes! This is reasonable and doable! Thank you Jamolay!

Thank you, Tony!

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Thank you, TonyHS! Yes, I will stop being resistant. There are other songs I’d like to learn. So at some point, I will have no choice.

Fantastic advice! Thank you, DarrellW!

Thank you, Eddie!!

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Yesss! I do hope so! Thank you, Pronewbie!

Congratulations Tabitha. I can’t say much more than has already been said. First, it is great that you not only learned those chords but can readily find them without looking at the fretboard. That is a huge accomplishment. Next step is take that new found skill and, as many others have said, play songs, songs, songs.

Just as you had to work to get to this point, don’t fear the upcoming work to learn new chords. Just a few more chords opens up even more opportunity to learn even more songs. It may take time or you may find yourself learning them faster than you expect. Either way, enjoy the journey.

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