SDKissFan - April 2023 - Alles Aus Liebe - Toten Hosen plus Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

I was hoping to fancy this up a little more, but decided it is what it is now. This used to be one of my favorites from my days in Germany. Definitely a rock song but I slowed it to a crawl and made it kinda bluesy fro my own version. Let me know what you think.




Wherever You Will Go - The Calling


Hey Jeff

I’m not very familiar with their work but I recollect seeing this particular song pass by once, many moons ago :smiley: | Thanks for sharing! | My German is a little rusty

Tip: let your vocal follow your strummign and not the other way around.
You seem to adjust your strumming to the moments where you want to sing and it breaks the even flow of the rhythm now and then.

Give this lesson another go to see what I mean:

I agree with Lieven. You got most of the chord changes in time, except when it goes from the Am to the F.

It’s a bit weird because you got the hard part right, which is putting the F chord down in time. Keeping the strumming hand moving in time should be easier (in theory).

It doesn’t happen for each F chord, but sometimes the two strums are a bit off-beat because either the first one comes late, or the second one comes early. It happens both in the verse and the chorus. (I didn’t know the song so I had a listen to make sure the recording has a consistent beat.)

It was still enjoyable though! Besides keeping the downbeats in time, have you tried adding up strums to add some dynamics? Just to differentiate the verse from the chorus.

Hello Jeff,
and here it is :smiley: . You can be really proud of you for having taken on the challenge performing a song in German :+1: :clap: . I could definitely understand the lyrics, and the song was absolutely recognizable - slow, but recognizable :smiley: .
Thanks a lot for sharing it :hugs: .

Thanks for the kind words. I should have gave it more time practicing before uploading. It is what it is though. I’m comfortable with German. I think it was more about that I did poorly with the song. I’ll dust myself off and try again.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback I listened to your recent songs and you do amazing… I can say most of my videos are a bit better than this one. I have done a couple from Green Day as well. You both gave a valid point that the strumming is really basic and boring. That gives me ideas to work on strategies for strumming again. I’ll be back improving next time. Take care

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Hi Lieven.

It’s great that you stopped by to have a listen. You seem to catch me when I have my poor performances. There’s good ones too I promise lol. You have a great point about the strumming and how I seemed to have awkward blending with the lyrics. I’ll have a look at the lesson. I will eventually be doing my favorite song in Dutch too. “Het is een nacht “ by guus muewis if you know that one. Chords are easy but I haven’t spoken Dutch in 20 years lol. Maybe I still can.


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ah yes I know that one :smiley:
Kinda curious to hear you sing it now though :smiley:

Hi there.

I gave this song a try today. It still needs work, but here it is. I loved this song when it was new.