Seven Nation Army

I meant to say 1st and/or 2nd string in my earlier post not 5th and/or 6th string. :sweat_smile:

Thanks you’re right I just need to practice this technique more. Starting at the muting (string 1,2,3,4) and then pressing down on the target note (string 5) helps instead of starting at the target note and muting the remaining strings.

I am wondering what the verticle lines above each fret nuand string number mean?

If I’m not mistaking, it are the note durations


Do you mean this tab?

Yes, those are the stems of the notes; as opposed to standard notation, you don’t have the “head” of the notes in this tab.

So, the 1st bar has a dotted quarter note (i.e. 3/8), an eighth note and a triplet, resulting in 4/4 time. Here, the duration of the triplet is equal to that of 2 quarter notes.

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Thought would be difficult to do this but it wasn’t as bad as thought. Struggle with muting but trying to improve. Noticing on slide on string my fingers callused and making the screaches. Its a little funny. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the squeaky noise when I drag my finger across the string supposed to be there in the first place? It gets kind of annoying. This riff is really fun to play. Thanks:)

So my 10 year old Grandson, who was of school today (sick not due to the strikes) and being looked after by his granny decided he wanted to play Seven Nation Army on guitar. No idea where he got the idea from. Probably picked it up from school. How could I resist. Leant him a spare guitar, small amp and a print off of the tab and left him to it. No idea how he got on but will catch up with him tomorrow probably.

Never know where this might lead.


10 is a good age to fan those flames.

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Well he’s back with me today and having another go. He is now at the fingers hurting stage!


Well he can now play this and sounds good to me. Strangely he plays it with his thumb a bit like Mark Knopfler.

Now given him chord sheets for A, D and E and a pick!

Oh and he asked me what power chords are. No idea where that came from. Showed him how to play SNA using power chords. Not sure his fingers will stretch at this point!

Cool riff, but I wonder why there are no pauses in the second and fourth bars in the TAB, although they are implied?

In the first bar, beat one is a dotted note which means the note is equal to one and a half of its value. In bar two, beat one is carried over (still ringing out in beat two) so it lasts for two beats which is a half note, and beat three lasts for beat four (another half note). Same on bar four, beat three continues to ring out for beat four. Where you see the line over three notes with the number three, that’s what Justin is referring to when he says “crotchet triplets”. You can hear the carried notes in his voice too when he’s singing out the fret numbers when he plays it, how in bar one the dotted note “stops”, but in bar two when he sings beat one he carries out singing the note into beat two and when he sings beat three he carries out singing the note into beat four. Same for bar four, beat three. It all has to with different types of notes, how they’re read, and their values (how they’re carried out when reading and playing from sheet music).

If the notes in the second and fourth bar just keep sounding, why does the tabs say quarter duration and not half duration?

For all the chords I’ve been practicing, my fingertips feel fine - however, with this riff, to get my fingertip to touch the 6th string I need to use the pad / print part of my finger which hurts while sliding along the string. I’m not aware of guitar players having calluses there (on their fingerprint) - am I doing something wrong? Should I be using the tip and pushing the string upward?

It’s easier to play only with the INDEX and PINKY,
place pinky to play then lift it for the index already placed.
index on 7 and pinky on 10, after index on 3 and pinky on 5.
when it’s 7-7-10-7… and 3-5-3-2… then only play with index.