Shallow - Cooper/Gaga (cover)

Hi peeps, this one is Shallow.

This song does have a nice flow and sound to it, so I thought it would be a good one to learn and have as part of my guitar practice playlist in general.

I suppose I also thought that this song could have potentially been a good way to impress any ladies that might have caught my eye at the time, haha. But to this day, I still have never played the guitar in front of anybody… so sharing my guitar stuff online for the first time with you guys has been a new and fun experience for me so far.

I found the song pretty beginner friendly with the Bm chord being the only barre to deal with briefly during the Gaga shouting part. There is also a D/F# that might be tricky for some people with wider guitar necks/smaller hands (like me), so I’ve always had a weird way of doing that particular chord.
In regards to that little extra strum flurry at the very end of the song, that’s just me being silly. I don’t know why I throw it in everytime that I play this one… I just do, deal with it :slight_smile:

Below are the Youtube and SoundCloud links for my attempts at this song.

For those of you who plan to hum/sing along to the video, you would have to start singing the 1st verse from pretty much the first second of the video (Because I didn’t play the non-singing intro part which uses the same chords as the verses anyway.)

Starting at 0:01 - “Tell me something girl…”
From 0:53 - “Tell me something boy…”

Alternatively you can listen to my audio version which includes an intro → in that recording, the 1st verse starts at 0:22.
I had also found another audio version of myself very faintly singing in the background to keep track of my position in the song - but that particular one will never see the light of day :laughing:

Feedback and general comments are welcome as always, Thanks…


That’s particularly nice. Well done.

Well played, Sandro, it sounds good.

@tony @DavidP thanks guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sounds great Sandro. Thanks for the share. Surprised you don’t play in front of others, not even family? I annoy anyone who is at our house with guitar :joy:


Thanks JK.

Yeah not even family. The topic just hasn’t really come up with anyone after I had learnt some chords and a few songs during all that spare time in lockdown (probably because I’ve never really been one to toot my own horn in front of them haha).

And before I started my proper attempt at learning the guitar during lockdown, all I had “learnt” prior to that were a few simple game melodies where I would just pick single notes one at a time just by copying random online tabs. I had zero knowledge of chords or strumming, so there was really nothing for me to play in front of anyone at the very start.

But if the opportunity does come up in the future and someone wants to hear something → then I’ll try give it a crack.

Not bad at all. I like the finger picking style. I play this song too with full strumming and some of the argeggio/string bending. My version is more of an aggressive rock and roll type, especially at the chorus- lol. Yours fits the ballad style. It is a crowd pleaser anywhere you go and the ladies will appreciate it .

You should play in front of people. I guarantee someone will appreciate the music. It always happens for me. I was at the beach yesterday playing this song and a guns and roses song and a little baby (2 years old maybe?) stopped what he was doing and smiled, then kept coming up to me bringing me his toys as a tip. Other onlookers gave some smiles and appreciation and I was not even singing-just playing the song.

Thanks for sharing with the group. You have talent-don’t keep it a secret.

Jeff from California


Hi Sandro,

Very nice indeed.

I’m another who doesn’t play in front of family, though mine is because my playing just seems to drop to pieces when i’ve tried.
Can’t beat the security of the mancave for playing/recording. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @SDKissFan @Digger72
Yes, if the opportunity does come up in the future to play in front of family or friends, I suppose I will give it a shot now that I have a few songs under my belt. Someone else will just have to jump in and do the vocals though :laughing:

Sounds very nice, it’s great to have a song that sounds like the song even without vocals. I enjoyed the change up from finger picking to strumming, some nice dynamics too.

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Thanks Mari. I probably should’ve added a bit more force into the strums when I switched to those for that last chorus, but I’m glad you liked that little change up :slight_smile:

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