Shallow - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

This one is hard to sing and play for me. Probably need to play along and sing with the record over and over again to practice.


I have had a few attempts with this one. I had to give it up for now. I found it extremly difficult. I have found that every thing lady gaga is involved with is close to impossible for me to sing and play.
i just cant find the right tone. And i certainly dont want to go up high like she does :rofl:

I liked your take on it Joe!
The guitar sounded sweet, nicely played.
Well done!

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Beautiful and hard to cover song.
You’ve got a great live performance, just gotta polish some particularly difficult parts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Joe, I’m all in admiration for you even trying to sing both parts while playing it. You"re pushing all in the right direction so big applause from me.

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From my point of view and play-grade, just fabulous, Joe. I noticed in the picked part how you kept time with head and right-hand in the voice only parts. Your tone and touch when finger strumming is also an example to follow.

Really enjoyed the fingerstyle. What a hard one to play! Thanks for the share Joe

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An ambitious project I never dared to try so respect!

Guitar playing is going great and some singing practice off the guitar will help with the training on the tuning as well.
This is a hard song to nail folks!

The higher notes miss a bit of accuracy.
Though, from what I hear, you know damn good what the exact vocal melody is.
You just need some more training

sing sing sing! that’s the best practice
But also, record and listen.

Here’s something you can try to find your ideal pitch on this song.
Try transposing it to C (good exercise)
Try C first; how does that work for you now?
too low? put your capo on 1 or 2 and play again.
How does that work?
Try to record these versions and compare


The thing that throws me with this song is the vocal melody doesn’t follow the notes played on the guitar.

First couple lines is “tell me something girl” and notes are “E E E D B.” But the guitar plays “D G” then the little D with F# to G chord riff.

I’ve tried singing along with the record and karaoke and it’s better. But once the guitar enters the mix, it’s hard again. I’m not trained enough to sing an E without a reference. When I strum the chords and sing it sounds better.

I’ll definitely try the capo, but I think more practice and training is what it boils down to. :smiley:

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Thank you! This is definitely one to aspire to.

Good to hear. Songs with lots of rests always throw me off. If I was just playing guitar, I’d be okay. But once the singing enters the mix it feels like I have a lot of balls to keep up in the air.

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Yeah, definitely a hard one to sing and play. I think the finger picking parts are cool enough to play on their own for fun though.

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Nice take joe, song sounds really difficult! Even I would have problems with that! As others have said work on your signing and such and you will get there for sure!

You sound good. True story for me. I can play this song fairly well and a local band was playing at a pizza restaurant here in California. They asked if we had any requests so I said shallow. They didn’t know it so I said if I can play your guitar I’ll show you. I ended up playing with the band while they sang. Not bad for a new guy. My performance was not perfect but put yourself out there some time and give it a go.



I like the capo idea. I find it sounds better with a capo on the first fret. Full disclosure is I can play basic rhythm version. There are lots of add Ins like hammer ons and arpeggios and such once one improves. I haven’t tried singing and playing this one yet. It’s on my list though- great song for any crowd.

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Wow Joe, super impressed with this. I just recently started practicing singing and playing at the same time and figuring out how to keep time with the melody while keeping time on the guitar is a bit baffling, and that’s just strumming, I can’t imagine with fingerpicking!

You’ve definitely inspired me to go back to this song and mess around with the vocals, it’s such a lovely tune.

That is insane! Playing other people’s guitars can be uncomfortable sometimes.

You’re in San Diego I’m guess? I’m based in LA.

Yes. I get a hard time here for being a Dodgers fan. I love LA too.

Another cracking cover Joe. It doesn’t look like an easy one to do but I thought you did a superb job.

Hi Joe,

Lovely playing.
Such a great tune.

I tried channeling some inner Gaga whilst singing along - but it wasn’t nice. Lol.