She's Gone Cover (SteelHeart)

Hey guys! SO i just found out about this song yesterday and wanted to do a cover of it as I LOVE this song SOOOO much!!! I can def relate to this one also lol. Just a nice surprise!!! Hope you guys enjoy! She's Gone Cover SteelHeart - YouTube


P.S I had to do it different because theres no way i can sound like the original lol. That guys voice gets so high its crazy!

Your usual high standard, Byron. Great work.

Thanks will die!! Appreciate the comment!! :slight_smile:

Not much more I can say about your playing, singing, and productions, Bytron.

I did notice on this one that it was 4dB over the YT norm and so audio would have been turned down (not sure how they do that)

As always Bytron you’ve given us something good to listen to. The bridge really echoes the emotion of this song. Something else I like in this one is that you look right into the camera as you sing.

Thanks Batwoman! Yeah this song means alot to me lol. Thanks for pointing out the positives!!! :slight_smile:

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Nicely done… good play and full, powerful vox on display here.

Same deal, are you getting out to comment on others stuff?

Thanks and keep rock’n,

Thanks LBro. Yeah i know sorry i havnt been commenting and ive mainly been recording in the mornings before work and havnt had time :smiley: Ill make sure to listen and comment to others today!

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Thank you Byron for taking the “reminder” in an understanding way. I am glad you were just busy and not under the weather or the big bad Covid was holding you back! Keep up the good play, vox and song too mano! Hey, maybe you take a day off work and just jam? Better yet, use some of the wages to pick up an electric, then make it scream!
Take good care!

Thanks LBro, haha yeah i need a electric lol