Should I Bother?

Kevin, you’ve asked this same question so many times over! Only you can decide the answer, asking others is just passing the buck - definitely not the right thing to do on something that’s personal.
As you keep coming back it makes me think that there is a glimmer of wanting to do it in you but I feel that you just are not patient enough to go through with the long learning curve. I’ve been learning for nearly 60 years now and am still learning things; there is no end to learning guitar regardless of your abilities; I was only listening to an interview with Joe Satriani yesterday, he said openly that he is still learning how to do things with his performance!
Make your own mind up about a thing like this, it’s your time not anyone else’s.


I was here ten years ago. Followed the lessons but didn’t play the songs because I didn’t like them. Stalled out because I was learning stuff but not using it. Then got distracted by other stuff on the web, must be an easier way. End of progress like you. I came back here two weeks ago, bought the app and started at zero again. I will not move ahead until I meet Justin’s criteria for each section. Love the new play along songs!!! Following the practice routines without fail. I am making music this time not just loose notes. Start over like me and do work son! Make those fingers listen. No excuses!!


Best thing to do, you can’t go wrong!
When you learn properly you can play anything, you’re learning to play the guitar by learning to play songs but in a structured manner, which is very different to taking the attitude that I want to play ####### and find out you’re just not ready for it, get frustrated and give up.
Stick with it, have fun and it will come!


Great attitude this time, Scott! I think a whole lot of us “older” types have had similar attitude adjustments after multiple false starts that ended in frustration.

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Hi @Calscot and welcome !! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great advice Scott. I went through the old BC many moons ago and the songs sucked for this die hard old rocker. But after nearly 2 decades in my wilderness I sucked it up and played anything I could. At the end of the day those progressions appear in pretty much every genre. Did I think I’d ever be playing Brit Knee ? Hah no way jose ! But I did and learnt a lot. Want a challenge and I get a rash just listening to country ! Learn to play Taylor Swift Back To December so much going on but like a treasure trove of delights once you get your head round it. Welcome back and look forward to hearing more. Why not give us an intro here ? :sunglasses:


Still not played the guitar, anyone want to buy it?

I think you need to scratch that itch. Why else would you come back and ask that question and make that statement. :sunglasses:

I don’t know you but I hate to see you give up. I’ve tried to learn the guitar on and off since I was 15. I’m 57 now and have been following Justin’s course for a year and couldn’t be happier. I started playing songs that I didn’t know but I knew the chords. I was basically just down strumming but I was having fun. Was it where I wanted to be? No, not even close. But the fact that I was playing a song, any song, thrilled me beyond belief.

Now I’m playing songs I know and love, using more complicated strumming patterns and even getting into fingerstyle. I wake up in the morning and want to pick up my guitar but have to be responsible. I think all day about playing but again I have to be responsible and do my job. After work I finally get to play and I don’t want to put it down. Before I know it two hours have gone by. I look forward to what the next year will bring.

If I had given up I would not have the joy I have today playing. But in the end it is your decision.

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Those of us here must love playing guitar, because, well we are here, and we are trying.

I know I sound like crap much of the time.

In spite of a degree in engineering, physics and an MD in Neurology, I am still quite confused and limited in my music theory, struggle with triads, arpeggios and suchlike.

Of course I am! This isn’t easy. People who know all this and sound good have been working hard at it for years, decades even.

I didn’t get to where I am in medicine right away either. It has taken years of working my a** off while, unfortunately, not playing guitar.

If you really want to learn to play guitar, you need to reset your expectations. You won’t start out good. You don’t put all the years of work into getting good just to get good. You do it because I’m addition to that it is fun, educational, growing, fulfilling and music!

The great thing about following Justin’s course is that it builds skill appropriately and in a fun way, bringing in all the stuff you don’t yet understand at an appropriate time, pace and level.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know. You don’t know anything until you learn it. Justin and this community will do there best to guide you so you can and will.

But only you can put in the work.


Scratch that itch? What does that mean?

I come back to say guitar is not for me and it is for sale.

Then I suggest you post an add in the gear section if that’s permissible. You could then actually describe what you are trying to sell. Posting it as a comment here is somewhat misleading and comes across as if you are reaching out again but if you have had enough, you no doubt have no itch to scratch.


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We decided not to run with any classified for sale posts Toby.

You and we have been here before, in the old forum.

It is a real shame to have you join this new community but still unable to overcome that which stops you enjoying your guitar.
Everyone on each of those occasions wished you well and encouraged you with positive words and / or solid advice, with strategies to help. I do hope good will come of you posting again here. But I wonder as it seems no words or encouragement from us will do any more than it did when you posted those topics in February, March, June and July 2021.


Cool, I wasn’t sure hence the implied query.

We’re not supposed to feed them… :wink:


Guitar isn’t for everyone. Some people like the Idea of playing but can’t make the commitment.
I agree with Brian

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The quickest way to turn your guitar into money is to sell/consign it to a local music store that buys & sells used gear. This will be quicker & easier than trying to sell on eBay or thru some classified ad.

Sorry you gave up but if you don’t enjoy playing than don’t force yourself but it realistically is going to take a fair bit of effort to learn to play. I think it requires real discipline or a real drive to want to be able to play and to push through the initial difficulty- but you’d probably be fairly decent after about a year if you’ve got the time - especially following Justin’s course.

But that said there’s no rush with it I think everyone here plays because they just love playing and the process of learning.

I don’t know if you already play a bit ? You might be better than you think to be honest. I’ve played for years and went through periods of not playing or feeling like everything I played was crap but it just isn’t good thinking like that.

Sorry to see you go Kevin. Open invitation to try again if you ever change your mind. On anther note…It was great to see how many people here offered words of encouragement and support. A lot of us get discouraged or frustrated at times. Great group!


That’s sad to hear, there is a chance for some good to come out of this though, as you could donate your guitar to one of the many charities that distribute instruments to those that want to play and can’t afford it? e.g. (just the first few I found by STW, many more are out there!)

You’ll probably find that any local school would glady take your instrument as a ‘loaner’ too.


I hear you dude. I was thinking about hanging it up and putting my guitar on the side of the road, but I’ve decided to keep going.
The decision is really yours alone.