Sitting style best practice for beginner?

Sitting style…casual, classical? I have short legs and feel no stool or chair is comfortable. I am righthanded…want to simply lift my right leg up a bit. Is that bad or just do what makes me most comfortable?

Welcome to the forum Karen
If it helps to have your foot on a foot rest then that’s what
you should do. If you start having back pain from one foot
being higher either lower yiu set or raise both feet.

Anotherthing to try is using a guitar strap even when sitting
to bring the guitar up to a comfortable position.

Something like this would work, I have one that I used a lot when I started off learning

This is ideal and inexpensive. Still use mine now and then on a grab a play with the acoustics but generally everything is strapped up now regardless of standing or sitting. And in that respect if you decide on a strap @Karende adjust the length so you can just fit your hand under the lower edge of the guitar body. That way if you ever stand to play, the guitar will be in the same relative place to when you sit. So your hand positions will feel the same.

Agree with the comments above. Whatever helps you play more and doesn’t introduce any muscular discomfort. When I started playing I held the guitar classical style similar to what you describe. As time when by and I wanted to play standing up, I adjusted how I held the guitar and now I hold it much different. Sure, it took a bit of adjustment, but what’s most important in the early days is maintaining your momentum.

Thank you everyone for this input…huge help!!!

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