Small Preview Of I Fell On Black Days

This is the next song Im working on! Wish me luck with it!! Fell on black days preview - YouTube


Bytron, sounds like it’s going to be a good one, so good luck with it. Look forward to the whole thing. Subjectively, you might think about dialing back the verb a bit.

Thanks Oldhead! Yeah maybe ill dial it back some for sure!

Sounding good Byron, there’s a few from Soundgarden I’d like to learn myself.

Yeah soundgarden is an amazing band and I love chris for sure.

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Nice start, Byron!

Another Soundgarden lover here. I’ve tried to tackle Blow Up the Outside World and Burden In My Hand, based on Ryan Lendt’s excellent campfire versions…check him out on YouTube if you’re so inclined.

But these are Dreamer songs for me…at least for now.

Thanks man! Yeah Ive been subscribed to him for a bit, hes really good for sure!

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Sounded good sir! Not sure why the small preview.

While we’re being subjective, for better or worse, some people really like their reverb here. Hard to say whether someone who uses it a fair amount of the time would sound better with less of it or none at all. Depending on the recording methods and gear, dropping the reverb down might make things sound a bit too thin.

It’s a live recording in a bedroom with an ambient mic. It can be a case of being careful what you ask for. I assume that Bytron has weighed his options and has set the levels in his recording optimally (or to his personal preference). Too thin and lifeless is worse than heavily reverb’d.

Guitar playing is the focus on the forum, with vocals being farther down the list of importance (otherwise we would all be on a barber shop quartet message board). :slight_smile:


Another Soundgarden head here, will be interesting to see how you develop this project. Love the song and you played it really well in this short preview. All the best and good luck

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Thanks CT! Hope your well! I just wanted to do a small preview and wanted to record the chorus as i dont know the full song yet lol. I still gotta learn the solo and verses and just wanted to share what i had on it thus far! Sorry about that :slight_smile: But yeah as for the reverb, ya know i love my reverb haha! Cheers!

Sounding good so far Byron, Soundgarden are awesome.

I’m liking this so far, Bytron, look forward to the full song.

Not a band or song I’m familiar with Byron but I enjoyed your version. Looking forward to the full thing once you’ve got it down.

Thanks guys! I cant wait to finish it!


Bytron, To be absolutely clear, and contrary to Clint’s comment, I didn’t ask for
anything; just said you might want to think about dialing back the verb a bit.
Of course you’ll play it the way you see it.

Clint, For the 5 1/2 years I’ve been on this forum, members and moderators have given suggestions, subjective statements, etc. to others. Shortly after I started my guitar journey here in 2017, I received suggestions, subjective statements about blowing red embers out of the tops of my faders. Thank you members for that tidbit.

As far as reverb, I’m grateful to this day that members and Justin himself helped to pull me out of a vat of reverb about 5 years ago. Just because someone offers a suggestion about something certainly doesn’t mean anyone has to take that suggestion and run with it. It really is a personal decision.

And yes, the main thrust of the forum is guitar - I think - but the times, they are a changing.

I appreciate your lesson on reverb, and I will take it under advisement, as I do other suggestions and opinions.

It’s ok oldhead no worries!

LOL - You crack me up CT.

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Who the heck is Soundgarden? I have no clue, but it doesn’t matter, it sounds good.

May be a while to pull this one off guys… The verses are quite difficult for me, ill just have to keep practicing it. Cheers!

Dang you dont know soundgarden!!! Like one of the best bands ever lol.