Smells Like Teen Spirit - JK Nov 23 thread

Hey Lisa!

Thanks so much for the feedback. I look relaxed because… well, I was relaxed, because if I’m not relaxed I can’t play well :roll_eyes: And the song is not hard except for the section changes. I’m glad you liked the live feel as well :smiley:

I have to admit I was a huge Nirvana-head in my teen years, for a couple of years most other bands may as well have not existed… Thanks for checking it out Susan, I’m glad the bends & vibrato sounded good to you as I’m never quite sure :wink:


That was pretty good playing buddy. Thanks for posting.

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Great played JK!
Tone sounded very good.
I would say that this is at least played to a pub standard :grin::facepunch::metal:

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That was very tasty JK. So much going on in the song and you nailed it. Solo was great as well.

Time to get off down to your local with your guitar and amp I think.

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Thanks @SDKissFan

Well that’s my goal, so mission accomplished :rofl: Thanks Trond!


Not yet… thanks for the kudos though Stefan!

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Hi JK, and yet another great recording from Down Under :smiley::clap::+1:.
I just wonder, when do you find the time to keep on practicing despite preparing for your move :thinking:? That’s a miracle to me :slightly_smiling_face:.

My power chord skills are still in their baby shoes, so I watched with admiration how quickly you changed between them. Sounded really good.
For whatever reason, I also expected you to do the vocals as well. But I guess, for the moment it’s absolutely fine to play like KC. Singing comes later - maybe :grin:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:!

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Hi JK, I enjoyed listening to the next post in your Rock Songbook journey. I can’t provide any criticism since my best is just to barely play the power chords. You had a lot of things going on in the song with different tempos and tones. Well played.

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Had to come out of my break to comment on this one JK, really awesome job. I especially loved your clean tone; it sounded like the record IMO and it’s something I struggled to get right when I did my cover.

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Hi Nicole! Thanks for the kudos. There is no way I could try and sing like Kurt… he is so unique.

Guitar is one of my priorities in life I guess… but now we’re right in the thick of the move and I haven’t played it for 3 days :scream: :scream: :sob:

Hey Steve! If you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters. Thanks for listening and commenting.

A pleasant surprise to get a comment from you Alexis while you’re taking a break. Thanks for the kudos on the playing. I have to admit sometimes when I do covers I watch other covers to get inspiration and see how they did it, and I rewatched yours recently too :smiley:.

Thx for the clean tone kudos, after I posted I should have put tweaking into the distorted tone, but hey, live and learn I guess :smile:.

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