Socio - 2023 - Blues Studies

James, I’ve been trying to record the first 5 of 20, plus the first 2 of Justin’s Solo Blues Course but been suffering from severe RBS and keep stuffing up. Really frustrating but hoping to get over the “record button” hurdle and get some posted. After all these years you’d think that had all gone away. If only. :scream:


May I ask you, if you are following Justin’s course or is it another one?

Damn you Toby Jenner you’ve just destroyed my hope that one day I would grow out of RBS :roll_eyes:


Hi Andrea, the course I am following for fingerstyle is an external course.

Ah, thanks!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Socio will you guys be kind and explain what RBS stands for? I struggle with english acronyms…but if it’ll destroy any of my hopes you might be even kinder and leave me in my ignorance :laughing: Cheers, have a nice weekend!

@SILVIA Red Button Syndrome?


Kindergarten Blues in E

Following on from the fourth beginner fingerstyle blues piece I’ve posted I have graduated to kindergarten. Here is the first piece that I have learned. This piece gave my thumb a bit of a rest playing only on the beats. This is the first fingerstyle blues piece that I have tried to add some 1/4 note bends to give it that more of a bluesy feel.


Very nice James! I love the steady ‘thunk thunk’ of the bass, it sounds so cool.

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Fabulous, James. Love the way you are taking the first steps, like a child in kindergarten, and treading the path of the bluesman.

As you know I too have a passion and aspiration, but currently not the focus and discipline. I did learn the first of Justin’s solo blues studies, the Steady Thumb Blues … that was demanding. Before I get back to that, I think it would be good to walk the road you are walking. Perhaps there are others who may want to consider what you are doing as preparation for diving into Justin’s course. And it is OK to share other sources of learning here (we have debated this before and provided one doesn’t over-do the marketing, over advocate then sharing a source of learning is quite OK) You may have done so before and I failed to book-mark the reference but given this topic, perhaps others would be interested in you repeating the reference.

I updated the title on your behalf, so hopefully folk will know there is another video to enjoy.

Keep on keeping on and inspiring us with your progress.


That sounds cool! I love to see your progress James, it’s very inspirational, especially I find your blues studies and short clips very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

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Hi James, thanks for sharing your steps into the blues with us! Your approach is very interesting and I follow your posts with great interest. Again, a proof of your progress. You already got the bluesy sound with your bends. Bravo! :notes:

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Thank you for the watch, feedback and encouragement. I’m glad you appreciate the school analogy and my kindergarten level fingerstyle blues playing.

I seem to recall our Sensei saying that it is good for him to see what other people like too and it helps him understand what people want/need when there was a discussion some time ago about fingerstyle.

Therefore, I see no harm in sharing with the community the reference to the fingerstyle blues pieces I have been learning.

The first four pieces have come from the six strings fingerpicking beginner course that I have been following for additional support in learning fingerstyle as like others I needed it broken down into smaller pieces.

After completing the prerequisite piece for the solo blues course I was super excited to purchase the course but as a beginner I found it to be above my play grade. For a beginner it’s good to get those small wins along the way. Therefore, I enrolled in the blues course run by six strings fingerpicking to help bring me up to a level where I could tacke Justin’s solo blues course with confidence. Sticking to the school analogy, I think of it as going to summer school in preparation of the next school classes.

I know that Justin’s currently revamping that course and it would be good if the new course could include some more beginner friendly pieces building up in level of difficulty. Similarly, it would be good if there was a fingerstyle course similar to the strumming sos course in the future.

Thank you, that’s very much appreciated

Thanks for the watch, feedback and encouragement, Mari. Yes, there is something fantastic about just picking up the acoustic and being the complete band (I just need to introduce the percussion element).

Thanks for the watch, feedback and encouragement, Silvia. It’s pleasing to know that you can take inspiration from these short pieces.

Thanks for the watch, feedback and encouragement, Andrea. It’s always pleasing to hear others can see progress being made and that they find them interesting to follow.


Hi James,
That thumb goes well :sunglasses:, it’s the most difficult (as far as I’m concerned) in this style,… keep it up :+1:

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Hi James,

Youre sounding great. Can I ask where you got your backing tracks from please?

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Hi Rogier, thanks for the watch and feedback. Yes, working the thumb and fingers independently is quite challenging. Since the last few pieces the thumb was playing swung eighth notes I had to keep telling it “no, you only play on the beats this piece”.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, James. The backing track for JustinGuitar Blues Lead came from the CD included in the Beginners Course Book for the classic course. The backing track for the first blues improv came from boss tone studio for loopers. The backing track for the Beginner Blues Rhythm Piece came from TrueFire.

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Hey James, I watched your Kindy blues on Youtube. Sounding pretty good, progress is coming along. Soon you’ll be in Primary School blues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That was excellent James. Such a bluesy feel to it. It sounded like you were muting that bass a little which gave it a great sound.


Great stuff James. You can definitely ditch the short trousers and put on some long ones now. :+1:

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