Socio - 2023 - Blues Studies

Absolutely. It would be unrealistic for any online tutor to expect students to be monogamous. :grinning:

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Continuing progress and feel there James, really like the muted bass note in that Kindergarten piece nice contrast to the melody. I agree, learn how to do an oxford bow on the tie and get yourself into “Big School” :wink:

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These pieces keep getting better and better James. You can even see your comfort in playing fingerstyle come through in a the video and feel.

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Good stuff, James. Man, that thumb is getting to be like a built-in metronome.

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Hey JK, thanks for checking out my Kindy blues. It’s reassuring to read that you can see progress being made. Only two more pieces and I’ll be on my way to primary school blues.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Stefan. Yes, when playing the fingerstyle blues the bass is muted to allow the melody to shine. Though, I’m eager to try replacing some of those bass plucks with some palm slaps or pops for some added dynamics.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Gordon. I had a good old chuckle when I read your comment :rofl:

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Mark. It’s been a while since I wore a tie so I will certainly have to refresh myself on how to do an oxford bow :rofl:

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Alexis. It is pleasing to read that you can see progress being made through these pieces. It’s interesting that you point out about seeing comfort in playing fingerstyle coming through in the video as I’ve noticed that I’m starting to slowly get more relaxed playing these pieces in front of the camera. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m filming more often these days or if its just with that particular style or level of complexity. The last one I posted was actually a first take.

Thanks for the watch and feedback, Dave. You gave me a good chuckle with that comment :rofl: It’s good to know that all that time thumbing the bass notes to a metronome while tapping my foot is starting to pay off.


Nice work Socio. You are definitely making good progress here. Honestly, I think you’re ready to play with the big kids now.

I’m wondering if I’d still consider you to be a Kindergarten player, because you’re checking a lot of boxes already:

  • Solid 12 bar blues
  • Shuffle rhythm
  • In time chord changes
  • Minor pentatonic melody
  • Integration of arpeggio / chord tones
  • String bends in tune
  • Fingerstyle playing
  • Thumb muting the E-string

That’s a lot already! My suggestion for the next step would be to change the 12 bar blues progression (quick changes, slow changes, climb-ups, turnarounds, …) and see if you can create an interesting melody over the different chords. Good luck! :wink:

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Thanks for the watch and feedback, Jeff, it is very much appreciated. Those are some good suggestions for the next step and I will be covering them as I work on building and solidifying the foundations.

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It’s been a while since I did any update to my blues study. Slowly getting back into and thought I would end this month off with a recording and continue next month as I finished this month. Surprisingly, I still remembered the next fingerstyle blues piece which I haven’t practiced in a couple of months. Though I’m a bit rusty.


Enjoyed all three of those studies, James.

I can imagine having a great deal of fun with the first laid down on a looper and then loodling away.

And the second reminds me a little of a recording I made laying down a bass track in the DAW, some rhythm, and again noodling over the self-made BT.

The third just gets my juices bubbling and reflecting on why I am suddenly in such a playing slump.

Bravo, and keep on keeping on, you are making progress and sounding so good.

PS I was imemdiately on the title update and then saw your request … always a pleasure


Hi James ,
Nice :sunglasses: :clap:
Actually I can repeat what David says…except from the DAW and change the title :grin:

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Thank you, David. That’s the plan, once I’ve got all the beginner blues skills down including soloing, to put them all into practice using my looper and have some fun consolating them. I totally understand where you’re coming from regarding playing slump. Hope you find your way out of it soon and get back to having some fun with your guitars.


Thank you, Rogier. I’m pretty sure if you asked your magic eight ball what you should buy next it will say a DAW :wink: oh and probably another guitar too :roll_eyes:


Ooo I would really like it, but not quite enough to put my time into it apparently, but when I hear the many people here play with a professional sound then … ow ow a little novice player quickly sounds like a pro :smiley:…especially when it comes to distortion/gain rock music

:joy: :rofl: yes yes yes :innocent:

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Sounding good , James. I just love the steady muted ‘thunk’ of the bass note - very bluesy!

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Thank you, Mari. Yes, the sound of the steady muted bass gives it such a bluesy feel. I was just looking the other day at a piece based on Rev Gary Davis which looks like it could be fun to play.

All 3 pieces sounding really nice James. As David said that stop-time piece would be awesome to mess around with on a loop!
I wouldn’t call any of that rusty btw, it shows you’ve got your fingers programmed!

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You are building up your tool kit quite well, James. All pieces sounded really good, played very cleanly and as always good to see what others learn in the blues section. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, Mark. Yes, the stop time piece is super fun to play and must be amazing playing a series of hits with a band.


Thank you, Andrea. Yes, it’s good to build up a tool kit progressively with the aim at the end of applying the things you have learned as a complete piece. The stop time one exercise I found to be a good alternative to practicing power chords.

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Nice James! Very bluesy , with a nice vibe and I see your back on your barre chords for that first piece. Is that also a new guitar in the first part of the clip? Looks nice.

It’s amazing what the brain can retain.

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Thanks Stefan. I think that was actually the first piece that I’ve recorded myself playing power chords.

Not a new guitar, I’ve had that one for just over a year now, though, I think I’ve only done a couple of AVoYPs playing it. I really need to start recording more with it.

Absolutely, you would think all the new information would push out all the old information.

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Super stuff James. You’ve got those pieces down. The first one could have been the bass beat to dozens of 60’s pop songs. It’s all based around blues but who knew it at the time. Until you start learning guitar you just don’t realise. Well done.

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