Socio - 2023 - Blues Studies


Thanks for checking the pieces out, Gordon. Absolutely, agree with you, when I first heard the first piece it sounded familiar.


Thanks for checking the pieces out, Nicole. Yes, it just goes to show that the techniques taught in the rock module aren’t just for playing rock music.


Thanks for checking the pieces out, Silvia. I find the Boogie Woogie a great musical exercise for developing coordination and finger stretching. Yes, there was one moment in the first piece I had sudden brain freeze but just about managed to shake it off and keep going.


I agree with Silvia, that boogie woogie is veryi cool and that your blues studies are really paying dividends. Good stuff all 'round.


@Socio You’re progressing great, keep it up. :smiley:

In that Kindergarten Blues in A, you can already keep the steady thumb action going very well while playing the higher strings. Something tells me you might enjoy Justin’s lesson about Smokestack Lightning. :smiley:

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Thanks for checking the latest pieces out, Dave. Yes, the boogie woogie is very cool. Just working on another one which is even cooler. Pleased to hear that you can see progress being made in the blues studies.


Thanks for checking out these blues pieces, Kamil. Yes, I feel the steady thumb is developing well. Thank you very much for pointing me in the direction of the smokestack lightning lesson. That sounded so cool, I’ll definitely be learning how to play that :smiley:

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Hey James, those were good, sounds like your blues skills are progressing nicely.

I did notice in the first piece you slipped out of time a few times. I think the dropped notes in the riff might be throwing you off. Have you tried playing along to a drum track? The free Fender Tune app has a few swing drum tracks that are good for practicing blues to.

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Thanks for checking the latest pieces out, James, and providing some great feedback. Yes, I practice along with a metronome. However, I’m finding that when it comes to recording my pulse races and as such the dropped notes were probably throwing me off at times as I battled with myself trying to keep composure.

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Hey James! I enjoyed going back through your videos and seeing all your progress. I see thumb, fingers, brain all working together skillfully. Your blues journey is exceedingly impressive.

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Hey Pamela, thank you for checking out the videos. I’m pleased to hear that you could see progress being made as that makes posting the study even more rewarding as I wanted to take the community members interested in the blues along this blues journey with me and hopefully inspire a couple of beginners along the way to explore the blues.


Hey Angie, thanks for checking out a couple of my fingerstyle blues videos and taking the time to comment. I’ve been inspired by lots of folk within the community, so I’m very happy that I could pass that on by inspiring you.

Hey James, finally got to catch and hear how you’ve been doing (got a lot going on at the moment) and seems like you are doing just fine. Certainly recognising some tricks in the solo blues tracks, similar to the stuff I was doing. And that steady thumb is sounding very solid.

I’m up to 12 of 20, with a few in Drop D at the moment, finally got the 11th under my fingers but yet to record. But my daughter has been helping me with some over du heavy garden maintenance all my finger joints are feeling a little arthritic. First time pick up in a few weeks today and really struggled. So its going to be a slow restart, so maybe I’ll catch you up one day !

Looking forward to more. :+1:


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Hey Toby, thanks for the listen and feedback. It’s like riding a bike. It won’t be long before your back up to full speed. Now that I’ve recorded and posted the other original I was working on I’m going to spend some more time focusing on one more blues rhythm pieces and one more fingerstyle piece before finally getting stuck into learning blues soloing and improvisation. If you feel another fingerstyle piece to learn in-between 12 & 20 or afterwards DM me as I may have something interesting for you to learn.

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