Socio - March 2022 - Bad Moon Rising & Sweet Home Alabama

Sounded fine to me, good strumming and chord changes. Singing is good to but a little quiet compared to the guitar.

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@skinnyt, thank you for the support and feedback, Trevor. Yes, that’s something that I need to look at improving. I’m not sure if it’s just a case of changing the levels on inputs 1 and 2 to the audio interface. I’ve still to really get to grips with recording myself. But something I’m going to be taking a closer look at for future AVOYPs.

Nice work James, good singing here, key suits you better.

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I thought that sounded really good James, both strumming and singing. Seems like it would be a fun song to play as well.

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@batwoman Thanks, Maggie :smiley: Yes, the vocals sound far better on this one. Lyrically, I find this song easier to sing. With practice, hopefully, my vocals will improve over time along with my guitar playing.

@Sarahsus2 Thank you for the feedback, Sarah :smiley: Yes, it’s a fun song to play with lots of options to experiment with playing it.

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Hey all,

I’m currently on Grade 2, Module 10. I thought it would be in my best interest to record a couple of AVOYPs before I progress any further.

So, without further ado, here’s my work in progress of Sweet Home Alabama

P.S. ​I’m not much of a singer, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway just to relieve the monotony of strumming the chord progression over and over.


That was a fine effort mate. Good rhythm, and the singing was fine.

Crackin tune, so much fun to play, and one I’ve been working at on an off for over a year. A fast tempo, and fairly advanced song, I’ve found it’s been a tremendous teaching tool, with all the fast licks and various techniques used.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks, Shane (@sclay) for your support. Yes, it’s a great tune and on my dreamers list. It’s one that I plan on working on as my skills and techniques develop. I’m a long way from playing any of those licks, but I’ll get there one day.

Great job James.

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Anybody playing and singing, keeping it going and then doing picking stuff and a Module 10 guy! BRAVO @Socio .

Lot of depth to explore with that one brother keep it up!..…Rod


Great one James, good one recording and sharing a AVOYP, definitely a big step to do that! One that I just went through myself not so long ago.

Did you want feedback at all, or just to share your progress? So people commenting know.

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Yeah mate, I’m still just developing it as a long term project. You’re probably alot closer to those licks than you think. They’re not overly complex, just fast and theres a few of em. Reckon I’ve got at least another year before I start getting close, but so much fun to play, and always developing.
Cheers, Shane.

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Great effort, James, you’re well on your way on playing the song and the vocal is just fine. Keep on keeping on.

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Nothing wrong with having a go, that was pretty decent to me; keep at it, whatever you’ve been doing it’s doing good!

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As others have said, a very good effort James. Once you’ve got that picking section up to full speed it’s going to be awesome.

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Another good job. I might experiment with a capo and bring down your vocals to be more of a chest voice effort? To me you sound close on the riffs. But they are a tad late in spots. Just more practice IMHO and it will smooth out fine.

All the rock’n best,

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Good job there James. Note picked riffs too! You’re on a roll this morning. That was really good and one that you can keep coming back to and adding to.

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Well that was a pretty good effort James. Sounding good and lots of advice added already.
Certainly add this to your developer list and let it grow as you do. Well done.


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@SandyMusic Thank you Sandy for your feedback. It gives me confidence to post more AVOYPs in the future.

@Rod58 Thank you Rod for your feedback, it means a lot to me. Yes, there is a lot of depth to explore in that song and it will become a project song as progress along this musical journey.

@jkahn Thank you for your support JK. Yes, it feels like a weight has been taking off my shoulders posting my first AVOYP. Hopefully. it starts to become easier over time. I posted the AVOYP to both share my progress and receive any feedback. All feedback received from the community, whether it is highlighting what I am doing well or what I need to work on further, is welcome as feedback as a useful tool for improving.

@DavidP Thank you David for your support and feedback. It is a song that I will continually work on as I progress in my musical journey and improve as my skills and techniques develop through the application of Justin’s courses and the communities feedback.

@DarrellW Thank you Darrell for your support and glad you enjoyed it. I’m pleased to know that I’m following the right path along Justin’s courses and practicing effectively.

@SgtColon Thank you Stefan for your support and glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I still have a bit of work to do on the picking section. I will keep on at it and treat it as a fun picking exercise.

@LBro Thank you LBro for your support and glad you enjoyed it. That’s a good call on experimenting with a capo. It’s one of those songs I’m struggling with vocally and at the same time still discovering my voice. You are absolutely spot on with the timing of the riffs. I need to spend more time working on the riffs and my pick control. That is something I’m definitely going to be working on to improve.

@sairfingers Thank you Gordon for your support and glad you enjoyed it. Yes, that is going to be a project song. I’m no where near the play grade to even attempt having a go at the proper version but the simplistic version gives me a basis to build upon as my skills and techniques develop.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thank you Toby for your support and glad you enjoyed it. Already, added to my developers list to develop as I progress and to my dreamers list when I have the capability to have a go at the proper version.

Thats a great effort. Maybe its just me but the picking sections e.g. right at the start sounded a little slow. Having said that I could not do it at your speed. Well done.

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