Song 2 & Teenage Kicks - JK Feb vids (updated 26th Feb)

Well, that took me back … to when my kids fought over Blur vs Oasis!
: )
A good tune, and enjoyed your playing. Thanks.

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Top notch as always JK…
tone is cool!!
A bit more «down and dirty» than the original if i can remember correctly…
You have humbuckers on youre tele??

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Fantastic JK. You look so dialed in.
I’m loving the tone. Don’t recall how close it may or may not be to the original, but I’m never fussy if it sounds good.
Curious if you’ve posted elsewhere about your experience with the Tonemaster?
I was very close to getting one, but ended up going another direction.

Also, my two cents: Blur > Oasis :wink: :joy:

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Thanks for checking it our Nicole! Always fun to play a high energy song :smiley:

Thanks Toby! They were so big back in the 90s… well that was my teen years! It’s a fun song to play.

Took you back to a good place I hope Susan, thanks for checking it out.

Hi Wayne! Thanks for making your first community post on my AVOYP :smiley: You know, I reckon they both did good songs… but the arrogance of the Oasis brothers was a bit much sometimes :wink:. I hope your kids settled the argument in the end. Haha.

Hey Trond! Yeah, my “clean” was more overdriven than the original. Mainly edge of tube/speaker breakup. So dirtier.

My tele… well Fender don’t like to admit it exists. Two humbuckers, set neck, comfort cutout on the back, really flat neck… It’s probably a cross between a Fender, a Gibson & an Ibanez. I love it :wink:

Thanks Dale! Tone is different than original, if you’re loving it: GREAT.

Aside from posting that I got one - a surprise big Christmas present from my dear wife - I haven’t done a review. I probably don’t have enough experience to give one compared to all the people on YouTube. I’m super happy with it, it sounds great, is really flexible and really easy to use. I had (still have) a Mustang GTX50 before this and it’s a step up in sound quality.

What direction did you go in?

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I ended up going with a Helix.

I agonized between the 2 for quite a while. My thinking in the end was along these lines:
Tone-wise, at my experience level both will do just fine for me. The Tonemaster is newer, will possibly have a longer shelf life, probably has more processing power and I like it’s interface better. BUT I knew that the Helix did everything I wanted right away.
That’s not to say that the Tonemaster didn’t, but being newer I couldn’t find as much information.

I seem to recall there was something specific I wanted that was rumoured to be coming later in a patch - but I don’t remember what that was now.

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Second video for Feb here, this one is a guitar cover of Teenage Kicks by the Undertones.

I learned this one late last year as well, finally got around to recording and sharing. The next song from my JG rock songbook project. Although I’m not a fan of that word, project, sounds too much like work…

There’s a little solo in here as well towards the end, a bit messy but as you see it’s a “live” solo rather than layered, so it’ll do.


Tone is a Marshall Super Lead 100 from my TMP.

Enjoy, feedback welcome… including tips on how to not be so messy on a messy solo :rofl:.


I didn’t know this song but it looks like a good one to practice barre chords. I will put it on my list.

Sounds pretty clean and I liked the tone. I guess the solo is about practice and hand coordination but it seems you’re not so far to nail it down.

Great job :metal:

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Great job JK.

Just dropped onto this on YouTube but just had the cursor over the video, no sound. I immediately thought of @SDKissFan - Jeff watch this video. Its a perfect example of what Brian and I were trying to advise.

Rock solid rhythm JK and sounding great tone wise. Loved the solo towards the end. :sunglasses:

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Hey, almost missed that one! Wow, you’re getting really confident with what you’re playing! Remakably relaxed while playing barre chords. +1 on the tone! And great little solo with the fast bends.
I like the point in the video, when your face expression gets a little more relaxed at around 1:30. Hey, a little smile looks nice on your face…(that’s the only point I would mention maybe to work on in the long run…keeping a bit more contact with the audience, even if it’s virtual :wink:)

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Thanks for checking it our Carlos. It’s in Justin’s Rock Songbook, and he has a lesson on it too. I hadn’t heard it before starting to learn it, I think it was more popular in the UK.

The solo - yeah, needs more hand co-ordination. It’s a short one but has string skipping, muting, unison bends and a hammer on. I figured I’d get better at that stuff in time just by learning new things.

Thanks Toby. The solo is a bit bluesy, reasonably simple, and not particularly musical, but it’s fun to play. Punk rock I guess!

I assume the comment for Jeff was about rhythm?

Thanks Andrea! TBH the standard barre chords are really easy now, I remember when they were impossible. Same as that solo, even though it’s a bit messy, that stuff the first time around was hard even super slow.

Funny you mention the facial expressions thing. I was thinking about that before doing the video. Smiling the whole time makes me look dorky, I can’t seem to do it. I find it easier to pull a not-dumb face while singing, but just playing guitar, I don’t know what to do! lol. :rofl: I was even googling it at one stage… The take before this one I think I smiled more but I daydreamed off while playing and forgot to do the solo :rofl:


Yep following the Blink182 cover, your motion is a great model for anyone to follow, in respect of Justin’s, Richard’s and Lieven old message of continual movement. Rock solid and in the pocket.

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JK @jkahn
Another great rendition, I can relate to this one and remember when it was released.

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Jk as always perfect job bro you just make it look easy. Rock on

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:fire: :fire: :metal: :metal:

Great tune and terrific performance JK. You’re being a bit picky with your critique on the solo imo, there’s some complex stuff going on in there (was that a couple of unison bends I spied?) and it came over very well. Smooth transitioning into and out of the solo is also not easy. Not really in a position to offer tips for you mate except to keep on with the rock songbook work, I’m enjoying it a lot!

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Another rocking performance, JK! :metal:

Your rhythm is solid as a rock, had no messy impression on the solo, but on the other hand I’m not too familiar with the song, so not knowing what’s supposed to sound like, it sounded good to my ears.

Tone suited nicely as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen. :slight_smile:

Totally relate to that. When not singing, for me a duck face tends to creep it and trying to avoid that makes it all worse. :joy:

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Thanks Michael, glad you liked it - I hadn’t heard it before learning it! Hopefully the song allowed you to reminisce.

Thanks Jeff, rock on back atcha bud. I’m keen to see some more vids from you when you’re ready!

Hey, thanks Mark! I’m glad the solo came across well… it’s hard to critique your own playing sometimes, and I felt there were some loose strings ringing out that shouldn’t. I’m quite happy it came across well, I can get it fully clean playing in isolation but not really when in the middle of the song. So I figured it’s an honest view of my playing (rather than doing loads of takes until I could nail it). Yep they were unison bends.

Thanks so much Lisa. Rhythm, well, I guess that’s the ex-drummer thing! And I’m so glad the solo came across well.

Haha, that’s great. I end up either doing angry-man faces or chewing on my bottom lip, which looks even worse… I avoided that one for this video mostly, so angry man it is… :rofl: Which I’m not usually!


Two more great covers, I don’t think the solo was messy and I enjoyed the listen, thanks for sharing more of your songbook.

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Another belter JK. Great song and a great cover :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you @SusanW and @Eddie_09 :smiley:

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Very solid JK! Nice work on the solo too

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