Song 2 & Teenage Kicks - JK Feb vids (updated 26th Feb)

Well played JK. Good to see you tick off another one on the Rock Book Study.

Make that two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: though I did enjoy quite a few of Blur’s songs.

I do enjoy a few of Gorillaz songs too particularly Clint Eastwood.


Great job JK, I liked the tone. That’s a lot of of power chords to get to ring out clearly in a row.

They released a new album last year, not that I’ve really listened to it, but I know I heard it once.

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Well, to be totally honest, as long as the rhythm and chord changes are solid, it’s a sounding good! I would have to say that you were!

On another serious note. :wink:. Your chord changes are considerably more accurate and consistent than mine. I am catching up though…give me some time! Only on acoustic a.t.m. as well. So there is that.

I could be wrong. But if you were to bring it up another level…a little add in…not that familiar, but have listened several times. Could you put a few slides in from one power chord to another? Just a thought that went through my mind as I wouldn’t mind having this one in the play list at one point or another.

Anyways, have rambled in long enough. Excellent job!

Rock on!

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@Dman74 in this particular song instead of slide between chord changes you’re supposed to hand/fret mute and keep strumming. It works great and I think he did a really good job. Smells like teen spirit is played similarly.

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@CarlosAP Ahhhh…i see. Never checked out lesson yet so curious. Yeah, that would take some practice. Especially in how much pressure is applied, I seem to remember in a couple of spots that it tends to be in the foreground a lil more than what I heard. I will keep this in mind for practice sessions.

But once again like I said Jk, Good job!

Rock on!

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That was quite a barre chord workout JK. Some nice travelling up and down that neck. Nice song to pick as well.

Tone wise, for me it was a little to muddy. If I remember rightly the original had a more sparkle to it? But for getting down and dirty then it sounded good.

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I watched and listened. OMG, amazing. Better than the original. Common People has a very British class system vibe to it. I doubt it could have ever been written by a non-British band.

Thx James. My fave Gorillaz is Feel Good Inc. I’m glad we can all agree that Blur are better than Oasis :wink:.

Thanks for checking it out Phil! Who would have think Blur are still making albums?!?

Hey Darren! Thanks for the kudos dude. Your chord changes will get there, just keep at it.

Thanks Carlos. You know Blur modelled the song after teen spirit? As a joke. And it became a major hit, their most popular song by far.

Thanks Stefan! Yeah the tone wasn’t the same as the original for sure. Is this one you play as well? Seems like it might be your kind of thing.


Hey JK, can’t add more constructive statement than to say, as always, cool playing, what a workout!

I was asking myself, if you were using the Tone Master on this? I guess so, was this the reason for your question?
I don’t know the tune well, so I popped over to YT for the original and I think, you did a good job. I’d say the BT is a bit in the foreground compared to the guitar. The guitar parts in the original are a bit more present to my ears. But it’s your version and I like it. The tone itself sounded good, I’m with Rogier here, nothing against and nothing for the tone. I would define my impression as neutral :slightly_smiling_face:.
So, as always :+1:t3:

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Love to watch and listen to you rocking out JK.

Enjoyed both tones. Can’t comment on how they might channel the original.

Don’t have much to say, so I’ll take the bait …

In the 90s I was more REM than any of those bands. Only heard Oasis in the 2010s when a friend was trying to educate me on music made after the 80s :rofl: So I missed the dig completely.

I have a feeling that a playlist of a few of the best songs from bands in this style might be fun for a short listen. But I think after a while it could become a little tiring.

Of course this is from a older guy who grew up on say The Police if I think of bands making records in the 80s that I listened. Of course (luckily) Deep Purple slide right in when MkII reunited in the 80s with the Perfect Strangers album. The song of the same name, either live or studio, is a whole different ball game.

Anyhow, that’s just a ramble from an older dude perhaps too stuck in his listening ways :rofl:

Rock on JK !!


I’ve not looked at it yet JK as I’m still working on a Greenday one that I’ve been working on for ages but hoping to post soon but you are right, it is my kind of song.

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That sounds like an interesting idea. I’m guessing Kula Shaker also passed you by with their Tattva. This one does look like a fun song to play.

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You are right, James, pretty safe guess :rofl: I am not sure if I have heard of the band or not, certainly don’t recall ever giving a listen.

Had a listen to Tattva. Starts with a chorus and I alsmost stopped before the verse. Mix of the vocal in the chorus not to my taste.

Then tried Hush, and I was wondering … yup, I know the song, but not their version. In a weird twist given my comment about Deep Purple above, Mk I covered Hush on their debut album. Have to say one of the weirder music videos I’ve seen, even for late 60s.

Now, keeping the coincidence rolling, in '88 after Mk II reformed they re-recorded the song and made a 80s style Purple video, in other words some performing and a ‘story’ featuring cars and a girl (but no drinking). And Gillan rocks the vocals, best of the bunch IMHO

Of course we all have our own taste, but listening to JK rock the Blur tune, and the Community covers of Oasis, I am still leaning to Purple :rofl:

Sorry about that hijack, JK. Y’all know how I am a gullible fish that always takes the bait (when I am not so out of touch that it is too subtle). So blame, James.

And perhaps give the '88 rendition a quick spin, as long as you can, at least to some solos. Maybe you enjoy it and that can serve as some small consolation :joy:


Jk once again great job. You inspired me to add this song to my want to learn list . You must put a lot of practice time in ? How much do you put in a day? Also do you work on songs for good amount of time and technique amount of time in each practice session. It definitely shows in your skills of playing and confidence.

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A little late to the party, but I really enjoyed this cover, JK! :clap:

Rhythm was tight and spot on, and moving those shape up and down the neck as it is nothing - really cool. Maybe there were a few dull notes somewhere between the moves, but as lots is going on, it’s almost a natural thing to happen. Still a great performance indeed. :smiley:

I liked the tone, suits the piece nicely. Do you change it on the fly via pedal? I tried to watch closely, but couldn’t detect any sort of movement pointing to this. :slight_smile:

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No, I think that’s a push chord :thinking:
To me it looks like you start off with F, then a bar of Eb, ½ a bar of Ab, a single note of Bb and push to C for a bar and a half, continuing with the rest of the three quarters back on F, repeating the cycle.
I was wondering if there was a term for the opposite of a push chord (from the C to the F); a ‘procrastination’ chord? :laughing:
I presume you’re playing power chords for the lot, as there’s very little space up the dusty end?

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Hi Andrea, thanks for the kudos & listen. Yep I used the tone master, but dialled in this one myself rather than use a preset. I asked the tone question because a lot of the time in my electric AVOYPs tone comes up, whether it’s good or bad, so that influences how I tweak in the future. Sounds like I should have mixed this one and put the electric guitar up a bit higher in the mix.

Another fish got hooked, this one not even an Oasis fan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s hard to shake the music we grew up with. If you’ve listened to something 1000 times it’s imprinted on your brain. I enjoy discovering new music & bands but only a small percentage of it sticks. Nothing wrong with REM & The Police btw, two all time greats. So that’s good taste :wink: On bands of this style - I’m not much of a britpop listener, but for Blur check out Beetlebum for another rock song, or Coffee & TV for a laidback one.

I had a CD of Deep Purple’s greatest hits on high rotation in my late teens :wink:. So I’ve heard Hush a few times!

Thanks Jeff! The song is a good one to learn, it’s not too complicated but the power chord changes are pretty quick. It’s in Justin’s rock songbook.

Practice time, it varies… I play every day, most days it is about an hour, but sometimes only half an hour and sometimes 2+ hours. At the moment about 20 mins of that would be technique and the rest songs.

Hi Lisa, yep I changed the tone on the fly with a pedal. I was right next to the pedal most of the time so only had to move my foot slightly to press it. I reckon being able to press the pedal at the right time while playing is an important part of electric guitar :smiley: Thanks for the listen and kudos.

You got the chords right. Technically the whole riff is two bars. I think of it more like a riff than a chord sequence, and the muted hits and feel are part of the riff, so it’s hard to know if it’s a push or a procrastination chord :wink: Sounds like that needs more music theory knowledge than I have :rofl:

Yep, it’s all power chords. There is not much room up there, I can’t get 3 fingers down for the 5th string root chords. So I did two finger power chords for the verse, and an inversion (add the 5th on the 6th string) for the chorus, where the bass plays the root for a super-meaty power chord over two octaves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re a drummer. You do these things instinctively :smiley:
Us poor mortals have to count out 1 and 2 and…
This was a useful learning exercise for me.
If it’s a two-bar riff, then what I was counting as all the quarters are just eighths…
You still arrive at the C earlier, and leave it later than one might expect.

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Nice work JK and a good couple of tones running through this. Playing this “properly”
is no mean feat (have dabbled a little for fun). You say you first learnt this last year, did it take you long to get it back under your fingers to record this?

How very dare you……but I’ll forgive the slur as I loved Blur almost as much as the other lot! :grin: They were quite different really so the rivalry was all a bit of BS for me!

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Thanks for the listen Mark! Last year, well, it was late last year I learnt it, and then got really busy with moving etc so didn’t record. I still played it every now and again when running through songs. Didn’t take any time at all to get it back under my fingers tbh. I played it through a bit a couple of days before when I was tweaking the tone, then one warmup playthrough before this one. :smiley: It helps I have heard the song so much it’s baked into my brain!

BTW - I’m glad you took the Oasis bait :rofl: What a time to come back to the community to find a dig at your fave band right there… :smiling_imp: :rofl:

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To complete the posting circle of being back here, almost “Karma’ that I return tonight / today to see the dig at the Mancunians :joy:

I vividly remember going to buy the album Blur, a real change in direction for them on that one but a legendary record, it got played a lot in my student apartment, at very very high volume!