Song App Chord Differences

I’ve been doing the beginners course for about a couple months now, following the video lessons online and using the app for practice and song play alongs. I noticed that a lot of the songs on the app diverge with regard to chords around module 8. And the practices include chords that weren’t covered in the stuck 3rd and 4th video.

Should I take the app as the most up to date or are there just some things that didn’t get sorted out as the lessons were updated?

Unfortunately, there is some divergence between the app songs and the corresponding lessons on the website. This confused me sometimes too.

Generally, the app versions are more beginner friendly, and may have been transposed to use beginner chords.

If this is causing you trouble with certain songs, I suggest you ask specific questions about those songs.

As your skills develop you’ll want to change the chords, add in your own variations, add sus chords, add little embellishments that make the song your own. The app is a play along starting point.