Song im working on.. Rx Theory Of A Deadman (Edited) (Parental Advisory Advised)

Hey guys so i really love this song, its pretty tough, but i noticed on the original recording the lead singer is using a autotune. I heard him sing it live and it was kinda off lol. Still a great song none the less though for sure. I just gotta get my rhythm for it down better. Then i think it would be pretty good! So I redid it and i think its a little better still not quite there where i want it though. Rx Cover Theory Of A Deadman - YouTube


That didn’t sound like an easy one to cover Byron but you did a great job,

Do you just do it all off the screen or do you know the song by heart?

Off screen for right now! Thanks! Id love to memorize it though.

Im sure if i knew it by heart i would do better on it for sure!! This is my fav song by them.

Then one to learn Byron. Maybe do it at your next OM. :+1:

Right! Possibly!! :slight_smile: I would love to but ill probably do old man :smiley:

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Another good one Byron. Not a song I’m familiar with at all. As Stefan says it didn’t look like an easy one to cover but yet at the same time you make it look like a walk in the park to you. Definitely one for you to learn by memory.

Thanks Socio yeah ill have to give it a try.

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Good one Byron :clap::clap:

Thanks Rumil!

So i did a new version of this without reading the lyrics, hopefully its a little better lol. :slight_smile:

Just learned the lyrics by heart Sgt!!! Woot woot lol. I think it turned out better!

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I look forward to the updated version Byron. :+1:

It’s posted give it a listen! I still sing it a lil to fast though still