Song levels and colour codes do not seem to match grades

I see that Pink Floyd and Wish you were here has a 1 against it, but appears in level 2.

Because it had a 1 against it and I love the song I have been trying this from the off. ( I did get to barre chords about 40 years ago, but am starting from the very beginning here ).

Wonderwall by Oasis is mentioned in level 2 around the stick 3,4 chords, as a song for module 8 though which is grade 2. Colour codes Orange which matches grade 3.

So just wondering about the colour coding and levels in the songs.

I would have posted this under songs, but for some reason I can’t start a new topic there.

I’ve encountered this too. For example, You Shook me all night long is listed as Grade 4 but is also under recommended songs for Module 8. I suspect that he means that at the Module 8 level you should be able to play a portion of/a simplified version of the recommended songs there.

I’m learning the intro and the verses to You Shook Me All Night Long but there is no way I could learn the solo and some other parts at my level. Wonderwall is similar where now you know the chords but the hard part is strumming/rhythm. I think he recommends a simplified version in the video for the module 8 songs.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll relay to the JustinGuitar Team.

@GeoffMolyneux @alexisduprey

This is a known issue. The filters and tagging are still connected to the old courses. Updating this is on the web-teams backlog.

But the team is small and the list of items to work on long. So no idea when this will get to the top of the list and be sorted out.

Hmm. So I am not the only one facing the same issue. I somehow managed to learn the part 1 of “Nothing Else Matters” by Mettalica, after working on it for 2 days. And it still needs a lot of polishing with the fancy double pull offs and flick offs. Although the song is mentioned as a Grade 3 song, I have a feeling that it should be placed higher.


Part 1 is grade 3, parts 2 and 3 and grades 4 and 5 respectively, reflecting the more advanced techniques needed. So yes the first part can be achieved at Grade 3 but will need a revisit later in your development. There are many songs that are like this in Justin library or a simplified version to get you started.



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