Songbird - Actual Strumming!

Ok I’ve actually, kind of, done it. I recorded Songbird ages ago as a separate guitar and vocal track and following all your positivity this week I re-dug it out as one to sing to with an actual strumming pattern. It’s only old faithful and not the actual song version but I’ll work on that.

I miss one transition chord and my voice confidence / volume can improve so consider this a work in progress!!

Songbird - Oasis


Youre playing is thight and sounds very good. Same goes for your singing. I think that was an impressive performance Mark!
Keep up the excelent work! :raised_hands:t2:

And that PRS… looks like its on fire🔥

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Thanks @tRONd , getting more inspired with this community I have to say!

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Thats great Mark. Feel the same as you. Its a warm and fun place to hang out.

And all thats matter is that you get inspired to play more guitar and develop your skills.

Another good one Mark. Nice and relaxed on the chords and good vocals.

Yes, this place is great for building one’s confidence, which ultimately makes you want to play more.

OM next Mike? :smiley:

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Sounds pretty good Mark. A good listen, consistent timing and good strumming.

I agree that this is a good place to hang out on the internet. So much of the net is either a cesspool, or guitar YouTube which is the top 1% of players. Here it’s encouraging feedback and normal people all at different stages of their guitar journey.


Mark, you are coming along wonderfully. Your confidence is growing each performance. I look forward to what you perform next. Rock on mate.

Well done Mark. Good rhythmic strumming and good singing. Trying to sing and play myself atm - not easy.
Looking forward to more mate.
Cheers, Shane.

Very good Mark. Guitar was nice and tight and tone sounded good. Strumming sounded fine and to be honest the “proper” (not that there is any such thing) strumming pattern is not too hard for this. One suggestion would be to let yourself go on the vocal. Sing a little louder with a bit more commitment. It’ll sound a lot better.

Cheers (again!) all :slight_smile:
@SgtColon - I knew somebody was going to mention OM at some point, but wasn’t expecting that yet!! Not sure quite yet but definitely one day, I can imagine the added pressure / adrenaline to be “interesting” to deal with!!

@jkahn - Couldn’t agree more, this is a truly safe haven!

@Socio - always rocking on :metal:

@sclay - You’re not wrong Shane, I consider myself pretty well co-ordinated but actually seperating your singing brain from your playing brain is way harder than it seems! Keep at it mate.

@Rossco01 - Thank you and yeah you’re absolutely right with letting myself go on the vocals, I think once I can get the guitar element that little extra notch automatic it’ll come, but certainly my next step of evolution and focus.

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Another enjoyable listen, Mark. It’s all smooth and relaxed, playing and singing.

I’m so happy to read all the comments from you and others about the Community and how inspiring and encouraging it is. It’s good to know that is how it is being experienced.


Sounded good to me Mark, keep them coming :+1:

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Great stuff Mark. Steady strumming, clean chords and you’ve got a good voice.
Only one suggestion, let go a bit and try to look like you’re enjoying yourself! :smiley:

:rofl: fair comment Gordon, well made. I am enjoying myself, honestly! Will make sure I show it on the next one! :+1:

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Hi Mark,
Your first videos are impressive :sunglasses:…I think your learning curve will go straight up in no time …if you really start using your voice from what’s in it, well, I’m looking forward to that already , because you are eager to learn , you will succeed :wink:…Definitely keep it up… :bouquet:

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Hey Notter! Never heard this song but i thought it was a beautiful one. Nice steady strumming and good vocals! Good job man!

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Steady flow, warm timbre, doing great!
Don’t mind the strumming patter, what count is that it is solid and steady and you can sing over it.

I really think you should consider trying some practice standing up.
If you struggle with power and stability, standing up will enable you to have a good straight posture, both feet on the ground, chin straight but not up.
Do this and imagine yourself yelling “hey” to somebody you know 100 feet away. Your body needs to build tension in your abdomen and you take control of your diaphragm for a second. This is the first step to achieve “vocal support” and you could try to emulate that when singing long notes, high notes, low notes…


Thanks Lieven, I’ve only had a handful of attempts playing standing up, they did not go well! :rofl: But as always it’ll be down to practice, I’ll definitely do it more.

I know my posture sitting isn’t great which also doesn’t help vocals at this point, as many others have said I need to let go, far easier said than done but I’m determined get there.

Appreciate the guidance and support - Mark

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Honestly guys I can’t be the only one who thought by seeing the title it’s Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird! :smiley: Nevertheless surprised by the song and even more positively surprised by your performance, glad you shared it with us as it was really solid. You have a good understanding of rhythm which will serve you well, Jason had a good suggestion - a bit more brave on the vocals and it will be even more fantastic! :slight_smile: All the best.



The thought crossed my mind, Adrian. Listened to Rumours on the way to work yesterday, what an awesome album, among the finest of its kind!