Songbird strumming pattern

Within the app the song is using the old faithful strumming pattern. However, theres a D chord thats played on the third down strum which is the strum thats missed.

Am I missing something here?

Additionally, I’m still on grade 1 module 4 so havent covered the G chord but familar with it from past experience.

Not a big deal but Justin teaches an up strum after 1 so it goes D + D + D UDU. See here

You can’t rely 100% on the app for strumming patterns. There are a number songs for which the pattern given sounds fine, but it is not what is used for the real song. My guess is that it’s because the app is aimed at beginners so they keep things relatively simple, sticking with patterns taught in Justin’s lessons.

If it seems wrong, your best bet is to listen carefully to the song (either in the app or the real version), and try to work it out yourself. It’s good practice and will come in handy for working songs out later on.

The dots above the line are to help you count the beats. The big dots are the beats and the smaller dots are the &s. So all it is saying is whatever strumming pattern you apply you want to have changed to D chord on beat 3. If you are applying old faithful then you’re just not strumming on beat 3. If you were doing pattern one on the song lesson (i.e. DDDD) then you would strum on beat 3.

Stumming pattern 2 taught by Justin is:

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

Where B is Bass