Sort of Intermediate Player, trying to find where to start

I’m a 55 yr old guy, have been playing daily for 2-1/2 to 3 yrs or so. Before that it was very sporadic with little progress.
Honestly, I recommend starting at the beginning, take Grade 1 and go from there.
Many videos may be skills you already have but it is worth going through for lots of reasons.
Mainly it ensures a good solid foundation, identifies bad habits to avoid or correct and gives you the direction you are seeking to progress. From there it opens up a lot of doors.

Enjoy your journey and most of all, play every day!

I’m gonna echo others as that’s what I have done too - start from scratch, scroll through bits that you already know and are easy and just whenever you hit something new or something you wish to refresh that’s where your learning journey begins again :wink: good luck!

Start from scratch +1. You’ll quickly advance to where you currently are anyway and solidify your foundations and catch up on some basics that missed you along the way.

In my case, Andrew Hickey’s podcast is a bit more than entertainment. I’ve learned so much about different artists and sometimes the theory behind the songs. It’s one of my go-to pods when I need some inspiration to practice guitar. Good list! I also listen to Desi. Now I have a few more shows to check out. :star_struck:

I’m only about 9 or 10 episodes into “500 Songs”, so still in the early days (I think my latest listen was the post about Les Paul). So while it might be come more education / inspiration, right now it’s mostly entertainment. But I do enjoy hearing the history. The episode 4 discussion about the cutting contest where Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald were the vocalists for the two bands was a marvelous bit of music history to learn about.

I found Lee Anderson’s podcast first but I think Desi’s provides deeper knowledge.

Cory Wong’s interviews are great. And having Joe Walsh say he was there for the interview because he was impressed with the podcast content was a cool moment.

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