Sound of Silence (Disturbed) cover

This is a new one for me, I’ve been working on it for a few days. I haven’t got much experience playing off a chord sheet with no backing track, and I think I fell off the rhythm a few times there. And not gonna lie, it is more than a little intimidating to take a swing at a song as epic as this one. But anyhow, I’m pretty proud of how this is shaping up.


You have a very good start on a demanding song. Keep practicing and you will get it to where you want it.
In future recordings please turn up your volume. I had to max everything out at my end, and I could just hear the guitar and you.
I notice you keep time with your right foot. That is something I did a lot but I found that I was moving the guitar in a manner that made it more difficult than it needed to be to play. Try keeping time with your left foot and see if it makes a difference for you.
Keep going, you are doing fine.

Hi Robert, thanks for the reply.

When I started out with Justin’s app, I did take heed of his advice to try tapping with the opposite foot, and I did try to make that work. Unfortunately for me I’ve been tapping with my right foot my whole life and trying to switch it over to my left didn’t go well. I found it was taking so much concentration to keep my left foot going, I couldn’t do anything else properly at the same time, and even then I couldn’t hold a steady beat with the left.

I suppose I could push through it and try to get the left foot working, but for now I am finding it heaps more comfortable to use the right, even if it does bounce the guitar around a little.

Hi Brendan
Coming along nicely. You say you felt your rhythm fell off a bit. Your strum technique is very stop start. The trick is to keep your strum arm/wrist moving up and down constantly to the beat of the song. Even if you’re only hitting the strings on beat one, your arm should move up and down DUDUDUDU. Doing that help keep the rhythm steady.

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Hi Gordon, yeah I do try to do the continuous strum hand movement, I seem to find it easier to get that going on some songs than on others. Right now it’s very early days on this song and there’s a lot I’m trying to pay attention to. I think the continuous strumming will click into place after some more practice.

I perhaps ought to leave out those little fingerstyle bits at the end of the lines, until I get a more solid rhythm going – but those are so much fun to do, hard to resist :slight_smile:

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Projects that stretch one are a good thing, Robert. Keep working at. No more suggestions for me to add. So far so good.

Well done on having a crack at a very challenging song Brendan and you did a pretty good job as well.

Great :clap::clap::clap:

Sure you can be proud of how it is going :slight_smile: .

And your intonation was really good for the song as well :clap:

Building a good foundation for a powerful version by Disturbed. Lots of good advice.
You’ve inspired me to look at their version, that in the Madman’s ball park !

Awesome, I look forward to seeing your take on it Toby :smiley: