- animated Mad World transcription

This looks like the future of online music instruction to me. The only thing missing is the lyrics.

Note: be sure to turn on the Fretboard visualization at the bottom of the screen.

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Worth having a read of this page as a couple of the pros and cons of the software are highlighted

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@Tbushell this is not new. Guitar websites have been using soundslice for a while now.
their website says they’ve been around since 2014.

@stitch, it was new to me.

Though I just noticed that Guitar Zero to Hero shows the same tab and fretboard animation, but a different layout. Maybe he uses Soundslice?

Of all the YouTube guitar creators, I think GZTH shows the best, most complete info onscreen. Though I think I prefer the Soundslice default layout with the scrolling tab and the horizontal fretboard at the bottom of the screen.

Very very cool!