Squier Stratocaster pack/ Squier Affinity Series Pack

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I am considering buying an electric guitar and am thinking of buying the Squier Stratocaster pack or the Squier affinity series Stratocaster pack. Are these any good or should I look for something else?

The Affinity is better but you can usually do better by picking specific items.
Also of course there is used gear which would be even better if bought wisely!

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I recently bought the Squier Stratocaster pack, to supplement my learning of the (acoustic) guitar (currently working on grade 2, module 11).

An electric guitar helps me to focus on fingering for certain chords (especially bar chords) without the need to press too hard on the strings. So for my situation it was a good buy.

If a Squier is what fits your budget, then go for it. I have a Squier Strat and I love it. You may want something more expensive in the future once you’re good enough to know the difference, but I bet it would serve you well for years to come.

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I have a Squier Affinity strat and like it. There was a pack at the store though that had a rubbish amp, so no pack for me. Got a different amp.

Hello @MaximeR and welcome to the community.
The general consensus is to avoid ‘packs’ as they load them with less than good items.
The guitar itself may be a poor example of its model, the amp is likely not so good, some of the loaded accessories are possibly cheap & not-so-cheerful.
If you fancy a Squier Stratocaster of some kind then buy one individually, then buy an amp individually, then buy cables, strap etc individually.
Work to your budget and your needs and seek advice here.


I agree on buying seperate. Packs are moneygrabs to target the lower segment that satisfy their “I want to play guitar” impulse for an interesting price. Though the amps that come with are sub par.

Buy seperate.
Consider a 2nd hand amp, even guitar if that doesn’t bother you.
The sum of the parts might be a bit higher but not having to play through a boxy amp with a 3” speaker really makes a difference :wink:

You could always select the individual items you want to purchase and ask the store if they would be able to do a package deal for you.

Hi Maxime,
Welcome and you get the best advise here already. :sunglasses:
So stick around and ask your questions and find what you need to find on the site… have fun

And Yordi @Froodooo ,
Jij ook welkom hier…I wish you a lot of fun and if you think it would be nice to stay here for a while, look for the other nice topics in the community … an introduction of yourself and if you want to make it completely daring you can take a look at the video of yourself section and speed up your learning process with big steps … anyway, have fun and hope to see you more often,
Groeten ,Rogier

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