Stage 9 ( Beginner Book) Blues 12 bar variations

Hi … What am I doing wrong? Justin makes these variations look soooo easy. My pinky has major trouble reaching the 5th fret! Index ring are on 2nd/4th ( if in use) Any ideas etc to help? bn doing St 9 for 2 months now …what a battle! Not as bad as my full F chord battle mind( almost ok now …4 months!!!)

Welcome to the community Mark
By the title of your question
I’m guessing your are doing the old Justin Guitar course. I highly recommend you switch
to the new Course there is so much more in the new lessons.

Here’s a link to the new Beginner Grade 2 which should be equivalent to Stage 9 Blues.

As to help with your fretting hand this is a good exercise but don’t over do it.

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Great …much appreciated!

Hi Stitch …I was about 2 months away from starting J.s intermediate book …is there somewhere where I can see how and where the new / old courses dovetail? Sorry to be a pain … I.d already bought his Intermediate book.

Not a pain at all. His books are still retentive. Just not in perfect step with the new courses.

Justin has redone the whole beginner course and added a lot of new content which
wasn’t in the old course. If you have time go and take a look, it shouldn’t take long for
you to go through the things you already know and the new stuff is great.

He is doing Grade 3 right now with is a bridge between the New beginner course and
intermediate course. Beginner Guitar Course |

The intermediate is grade 4. There is still some of the old lessons on there but I think it will be
The next revamp.
Justin has come a long way as a teacher so I really think you will gain a lot from a review of the
new BC and then start with grade 3 instead of doing the old Intermediate Course.

I should add the link I posted in my first reply about the blues is Grade 2 module 13 it has
7 lessons all about playing the blues.

There are 7 other modules with at least 7 lesson for each.

Stitch …that.s brilliant …thanks so much. I.ll finish Stage 9, then go back and redo the new Beginner Course. I know got many weak areas so the consolidation will do me alot of good I.m sure. I dont want a house built on sand going fwd. I.m 58, been playing for 1 yr and 3 months …never played before. I average about 60 mins practice a day. Thanks again Stitch , sorted my next steps out. Grand. Cheers fella

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