Stand By Me Loop Cover

Hello guys! Heres yet another loop cover!! :slight_smile: Hope you guys enjoy it! THis song is kinda hard to sing for me but i tried. Cheers! Stand By Me Loop Cover - YouTube


I enjoyed that. Your guitar playing is great and really clever use of the looper.

clever and catchy; good jobo n this one @Bytron08 !

Nice! I dig the I - vi - IV - V chord progression a lot, so many great songs. This should inspire folks to get these progressions under their fingers. Well done sir!

Very enjoyable indeed. It’s nice that there is a solo in there too. Might be cool to add some additional fills during verses too. Like in the blues, singing and throwing in a lick every once and then. :slight_smile:

@CT a while ago I did I -vi - IV - V progression playlist for ear training practice. Spotify

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Much enjoyed Byron! Cool and catchy rendition there, with great use of the looper. Thought your voice suited the song pretty well.

Cheers, Shane

Well done! There are a bunch more:
Hungry Heart
Last Kiss
Chain Gang
Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
Where Have All the Flowers Gone

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Good stuff Byron.

You got the percussion through to the mix this time :+1:

Nice combination of picking and strumming, love it.

Wow thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Ill have to check those out also!!

Hey CT! Thanks man! I was wondering do you know of any more songs with that progression ( The 1 1 4 5 or whatever lol) that i could use with my looper? Cheers!

Oh. Great job :clap: . Doesn’t seem ease to play it that clearly and with the loop pedal. I’m still struggling trying to make a simple pattern to repeat without being evident when the loop begins

I have this one on my list to give it a try. Let’s see how it goes :sweat_smile:

Really enjoyed that! I especially liked your use of the looper pedal and guitar work. Nice!

Thanks Rumil!! I have found whats easy is to find a chord progression and hit the pedal right when you start and then on the downstroke at the end of the cycle which would be the beginning dont hit the strings but simply act like your gonna strum the chord and hit the pedal at the same time and that makes it smooth.

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Nice cover, Byron. I especially liked the percussion, and the sound of your vocals in the room is awesome. Do you have some reverb through your amp, or is that the natural reverb of the room?

Since you commented on vocals I’ll suggest that you transpose the song to a key better suited to your voice. It’s such a straightforward chord progression you’ll easily find your ideal key I’m sure with either open chords or a capo just a few frets up.

I actually just learned this one on my new uke, from Justin’s lesson. It’s a bit tricky to sing while you’re playing!

Hey Mari!!! Ill have to try that! Ill prolly have to detune my guitar for it to fit my voice better. Ive found with me i usually sing alot better when i have the guitar tuned down. Im talking like 1 or 1 and a half steps down from standard lol. My reverb is coming from my OBS recording software i downloaded a reverb mod to add reverb to it while its recording! :slight_smile: I think its called Tal-Reverb addon. But my amp has some reverb on it but its not as noticeable as the addon.

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Yeah, you could easily do a medley with that progression. It’s a good one for learning how to transpose as well. It’s basically a I-IV-V with the relative minor of the key before the IV & V chords. Great musical flow and movement.

Clever use of your looper again Byron. You’re rapidly becoming our resident expert!

Sweet! Thanks!

Lol thanks gordon!