Start today's practice resumes partially completed practice

If I don’t get through my whole practice routine one day, the next day I can’t start it from the beginning again, ticks stay next to the items I completed the day before, and next button always takes me to the first incomplete task rather than next in sequence.

I know I can repeat an item but it can be confusing to keep track of where I got to when it jumps around like this. There should be an option to start from beginning, or “finish” an incomplete practice session from the previous day.

I’m not entirely sure if you get to keep that practice data you saved for that day, but you use the reset routine option in the top right corner of the practice window. Something you maybe can try…


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Thanks so much for following up on this, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that button before! Either didn’t notice or didn’t realize what it meant :slight_smile: I just tested and it works, it also does keep the stats for any items that were marked complete. Thanks again, Chris :smiley:

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Welcome :slight_smile: