Steven from UK

Hello all,

Bit late to start learning at 46 :slight_smile:

Started in Jan, enjoying so far, just trying to get my chord changes quicker at the minute! Really enjoying the courses on Justins website, and using Fender Play at the same time.

I’ve promised myself I can spend a load of money and an expensive guitar if I can get to a decent standard!


Welcome Steven, never too late! I started at 47 and plenty of others have been later! You’ve given yourself the same promise I did to myself, it’s a good incentive so get window shopping :wink:

Have alot of fun and stick to the principles Justin goes through, they’ll serve you really well. All the best!

Welcome aboard Steven, there’s a few forum members here also from Scotland. Hope you enjoy it :+1:

Hello Steven, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
I started my guitar journey last year at the age of 47. So you’re in good company :slightly_smiling_face:.
Yes, Justins course is fantastic. He takes you by the hand and guides you from step to step.
And if you have any further questions, this community is the perfect place to ask :star_struck:.
I wish you lots of fun :smiley:.

Hello Steven, welcome to the community :smiley:

Hi Steven

Welcome. I also started in Jan, I’m 57 so you’re a spring chook.

Enjoy your journey


Welcome Steven, its never to late to start.

Hey Steven, welcome to the community. I started at the age of 53 and now that I’m nearly 65 it’s been one of the best things. Stick at it, you won’t be disappointed with the rewards the guitar gives you. After I’d been playing for about 18 months I started shopping for a better guitar. That’s a lot of fun as well.

Hi Steven,
Welcome ,and apparently 46 is the best age to start for you :sunglasses:…I wish you a lot of fun and hope you buy a high quality guitar soon :smile:

Steven, welcome to the community forum. 46 is a great age for you to start having fun playing guitar. It won’t be long before to reach your standard and get your new guitar.

Welcome, Steven, I am only a couple of weeks in the community myself.
Well then, 46, let me think … early 21st century, drawing on a foggy memory.
Whatever age, it is always be a good year to start learning to play: I will be 3 guitar-years old late Spring, basically a ‘Lockdown Noob’.
Dunno about Fender Play … apart from their marketing ! … but Justin’s offerings are well-structured and content rich.
Fwiw, measuring progress will be unique to the individual, but generalising here, progress will be interspersed with what might appear as flat-lining; but regular reflection will almost always realise some improvement, however small it is perceived to be.

Oh, a load of money will guarantee you an expensive guitar ! :rofl:

Keep it fun, :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome, siiiilky!



Welcome. I started at 67 as something to do in retirement; still plugging away six and a half years later. You’ve got plenty of time!

Hello Steve and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

46, ahhhhh you’ve years left in you yet. Enjoy.

Hi Steven, Welcome to the community as others have said great time to learn.
Loads of NGD ahead of you I played a second hand Acoustic from ebay for over a year before I brought a replacement to make sure I gave myself an incentive and make sure I was sticking to it :rofl:

Hi Steven, welcome. Any age is good for learning to play a musical instrument. I think you should make a more defined goal so you can know more easily when is time for rewarding yourself with a better quality guitar. It can be something like “when I can change all open chords at certain speed”, or “when I complete certain grade”, or “when I have learnt to play a certain number of songs”. Even with an unrestricted budget what can be the best guitar for you is not necessarily the most expensive one. Have fun choosing your guitar when the time comes.

Hey Steven, welcome aboard. This is an amazing and supportive community, I’ve never experienced one like it, you’ll love it. I played for a year a long time ago but forgot it all so have started again in January if this year at the ripe old age of 58. The beauty of the age bit is it might take us a little longer but we’ve got the time and the passion to deliver our dreams. So let’s just bring it on slowly and we’re sure to get there. Enjoy the ride and have lots of fun.